Goal Of The Tournament Thus Far?
  • Hasn't there been some wonderful goals already this tournament!! Frings goal in the opening fixture from Germany was fantastic. Rosicky has hit a few beauties. Stevie Gerrards goal was sweet for England. And Torres scored a nice goal for Spain.

    But... goal of the tournament for me at the moment well, it isn't even close. Argentina's Esteban Cambiasso from an outstanding Argentina move, 23 passes sealed with a great finish. What a terrific goal!

    What are your thoughts?!
  • Well Sweden has managed to do one goal so far... :D

    From the goals I've seen I think the one that impressed me the most is one that actually wasn't a goal.
    :blink: Only I can't really remeber what team it was, but I think it was Trinidad Tobago vs England.
    The situation im thinking of is the Trinidad-player instead of shooting heeled the ball behind his left leg.
    He was in an offside position and the goal was ruled out, and I'm thinking that he might not have done the same manuveur had he been on-side. But anyhow, it was a stylish non-goal.
  • yeah, you're right about the non-goal. Was really good, just a pity he was offside. er, not a pity from 'our' point of view of course (England's pov I mean).
    Stevie Gerrards goal was class. I think David Beckham's "goal" was class as well, even if it was given as an own goal :censored:
    But yeah, the Argentine goal was class. Papers questioning whether they've peeked too early though. Possibly????? Only time will tell.
    I think we're STILL to see the goal of the competition though. I think it'll be from, probably, Brazil, but you never know, we might pull something out, especially with 'Shrek', sorry Rooney, playing again. I hope it's Michael who scores the goal of the tournament because he is class, that'll happen provided we STOP PLAYING THE LONGBALL GAME!!!!! Sorry, just annoys me that we're playing like way and NOT passing the ball like we can.
    Er, think I'll end this now before I get too stressed out :D
  • I believe we've just seen the goal of the tournament at the weekend.
    That Argentine copy of the Joe Cole goal, EXCEPT that their's was a FULL volley NOT a HALF volley like J. Cole's.

    David Beckham's free kick was pure class though. Oh and can't forget about Ronaldo's wonder goal. I mean, come on, he didn't even look at the goal when he struck the ball. I fully expect Ronaldo to go top World Cup goalscorer of ALL TIME sooner rather than later. Probably in their next match. Afterall, he only needs one more goal to be the best World Cup scorer of all time.