Server Failure
  • The Hard drive on the server failed recently and we lost everything.

    Luckily we took a complete site backup yesterday, so after reinstalling everything onto a new drive we are back up and running again.

    Looks like we have lost about 12-24 hours worth of data, which isn't bad under the circumstances.

    The site may be a little shaky while we continue to check things behind the scenes.

    People may notice PM messages are missing and arcade records have gone and posts are missing if made within the last 24 hours.

  • Had a feeling something was up there- was trying to get in for a look this morning before work. Good to hear the damage is minimal in regards to missing posts/PMs.
  • That definitely explains why I couldn't get on the site all last night. I just figured it was my Mom's crappy dialup internet. Good to know that it's back up with little on the loss side.
  • Ah no wonder why I was getting PM's this morning asking to send details back due to a HDD bacon & eggs fry-up! and there's me thinking some bugger was deleting my posts

    Great to see things back in order!
  • You've had more than enough on your plate of late to keep you busier than a one-armed wall-paper hanger Jim, so don't you fret none!! We're around when you're ready for the site to be ready for us, no worries! :hug:
  • Umm, are we still having some problems with the server, out of curiosity? It seemed to take a number of attempts for me to finally get here this evening. Was getting sick of the "cannot find server" message.
  • Hmmm, I don't think so Lyndon, I've been all over the place in here for quite some time now and have had no problems at all.
  • Hmm Lynny - i would have got the hint by now ;)

    J/K love ya really - Ive had no probs at all and have been logging from daddys laptop. I bet when we get home tomorrow our PC wont boot up (again)!
  • Hmm...may have to look into things a bit here then. This has happened the last couple of days now, actually.
  • Everything should have settled down again, but PLEASE report here if you cant get in using for any reason and I will look into it.

    If one of us cant get in, that will equate to hundreds of other people too.
  • Lyndon, you were not the only one with problems! I had to get on the phone with tech support because, like you, I got so tired of seeing "cannot find server" messages. They told me it was a domain name problem. I had to use the IP address to get into the main page, then sneak in through one of the cheat pages (whichever one I could get to work). But I'm glad to report the problem has gone away, at least yesterday and today it has! And thank you Jim for keeping an eye on my problem!
  • SERVER UPGRADE 29th JUNE 2006 - 11pm EST

    We are doubling the memory in the server tonight which will improve the performance of the Community area, and adding a backup hard drive so that we can minimise the downtime if the main hard drive were to crash again. This new drive will also speed up the whole site as the server is on a go slow for the 3 hours it takes to back everything up every night - this way the back ups should only take a few minutes.
  • Sounds great Jim- btw, haven't had any problems now for awhile since that last post. May have been something within my ISP after all.
  • All updates are now completed. The total down-time was only about 30-45 minutes and all of the community pages are snapping up very quickly at my end here in the UK.

    Lyndon we checked the DNS server after your first email and found a possible problem, so it could have been at our end after all. The problem with DNS issues (DNS controls the domain name - www.absolute...) is that they can take days to update all around the world.