Ps2 Slimline Power Faliure
  • When i turn my ps2 is turn on the light goes green then about half a second later it turns off again, if it helps the laser doesnt move also is it a short circuit? or is my Ps2 completely :censored:
  • It's possible the problem is in the power cord- borrow one from a friend and give that a try. If your PS2 still does it then it's time to give Sony's tech support a call (number is in the user guide).
  • Make sure the date on the power cord is newer, 2005 and up. There was a power cord recall by sony. The older cords were not safe to use. If it is a newer cord, I would still tell sony about it and hopefully they will give you a new power cord.
  • If your not sure about what power cord/adaptor you have then please go to this site for further information to see whether it affects you

    Hope this helps better
  • i tried a different power cord, (it took me a while to find someone with a slimline ps2) and it still does work i think it probaly something wrong inside the ps2
  • sony want