Sweden Vs England
  • I don't care who played on each position but I do now this. Sweden is still undefeated by England since 1968!!! :clap:

    What a great game. I can't say that I didn't go "Yeah!" when poor Owen twisted his knee out of shape. But now, after the game, I wish him a quiclk recovery. Although it looks bad, real bad from what I've heard.

    Sad sad first half but the Swedes had been eating bananas or something at half time cus they came back for the second with great energy and put England under pressure. I must say I have never seen so many well struck consecutive corner kicks ever. One gave us the equalizer and the following two were saved by the crossbar.

    But then, of course, that Gerrard has to go score 1-2. :blink:

    But the Swedes still had energy and most of all, a will to play.
    Massive offensive effort finally scored the second equalizer in the last few minutes of the game and I think both teams are pleased with the results even though Sweden will have take on a bit tougher opponents in the 1/8.

    A good game, and as I said, England has still not been able to beat Sweden for 38 years :harhar:

    Allthough Sweden hasn't beaten Germany in 48 year, but we shall see if we can't change that fact come Saturday.
  • I only watched the first half because my dad switched it over but saw poor owens knee. It made me feel sick watching it!!!