Problems with my old psx
  • anyone knows what happen with my psx, sometimes it doesnot read some cds.....
  • Most likely the CD drive in the system is starting to go-mine did the same thing after 5 years of faithful service.

    Your options are these:

    1. Find a replacement laser unit and have it replaced.If you can't find one locally at a game store it is fairly easy to find online.

    2. Buy a PSOne (considering the cost of the laser unit and the charges to have someone install it this may wind up being the cheaper option)

    3. Upgrade to a PS2.Considering the lack of games coming for the ol' PSX you may want to consider making the jump-you wouldn't even have to get rid of your games as they will work in the PS2.
  • Before you fork out a wad of money, try cleaning the lasers lens as mentioned in a few other threads. Also ask yourself, "Are my disks scratched". ???

    I nearly sent my PSX off to be fixed and on closer inspection found that the primary problem was/is scratched cd's. As per similar thread, I'm of the opinion that when the PSX gets a little long in the tooth, it may experience problems with reading CD's with scratches that were never an issue before.

    I have had mixed results with repairing scratched discs with a 50/50 success ratio ???
  • Both of them are right especially Digger.