• I dont know if anyone here has heard of this guy but he does live autopsies and disections of humans on TV. We watched one last night on the circulatory system. I find them fascinating and really informative. They really are a great way of teaching people about how the body works. We also watched one last night about cancer and it was a live disections of people with cancer and shows you the tumours and how they died.

    I have always been interested in things like this, and i think this guy is a mastermind. There has been contravorsy (sp?) over these before as he does them in front of live audiences of body donors and medical students.

    I wish i had been taught biology by this guy - would have made things much easier to understand!!


    This is the website for the shows on more 4 fro anyone who is interested - beware though - they are not for the squeamish or faint of heart!!!
  • Very cool stuff Oddish! Maybe I was simply unable to find it, but are there any links in there so we can actually watch parts of an autopsy or disection? I wasn't able to find any videos to watch, and I think that sort of stuff is cool! :blink:
  • When I first read your post Oddish, I thought you were saying he did these on live people!! :blink: :wacko:

    After re-reading it I see what you are saying! I wish we had something like that on TV over here. I have about 200+ channels of TV and I've never seen anything like that. We do have the occasional plastic surgery show where you see the fat getting sucked out of some thighs or see some minor surgical cuts, but nothing like full autopsies or disection. That sounds pretty cool. Maybe it'll get popular enough to get some airtime over here!
  • QUOTE(chargerfanchs @ Jun 21 2006, 01:43 PM) [snapback]66110[/snapback]

    That sounds pretty cool. Maybe it'll get popular enough to get some airtime over here!

    Yeah, and replace the lame-@$$ shows like "reality" tv shows! I mean, how "realistic" is it that a certain well-chosen group of people get "deserted" in a remote spot (with video cameras on them 24/7) and every so often get to "vote out" who they don't want anymore!? Realistically, that unliked person would be killed and EATEN if they were "really" deserted!! :blink:
    But, I digress... I'd certainly start watching more television if we had stuff like that on!!! Odd, can ya write to the producers and ask them if they'd ship it over here too, please?? ^_^
  • QUOTE(Speediebean @ Jun 21 2006, 01:39 PM) [snapback]66119[/snapback]
    Yeah, and replace the lame-@$$ shows like "reality" tv shows![/b]

    Hold on a sec now! I happen to love those lame reality TV shows! :laugh: NO, we will not be replacing those, thank you very much. <_< I need those mindless shows of backstabbing and cat fighting and pretty people doing stupid things for money and fame. You can only watch so much CSI and Law and Order before you need something with a real feel to it, even if it is a contrived situation! <br />
    But I would like to see some of what Odd is talking about, to supplement my insatiable appetite for "reality" TV!

    Sorry Oddish...didn't mean to hijack this thread! :blush: Back to our regularly scheduled program!
  • Site seems interesting there oddish, though it really doesn't seem to be my kinda thing.

    Cadavers make me squimish. :blink:

    I am however taking Bio this next semester so maybe this would come in handy..had it actually been in airtime over here. :(
  • I really believe red - I would Have had a better grade in biology if i had seen things like that.

    On the 'hijacked subject' LOL I HATE REALITY TV!!! I have no desire to spend my summer sat in front of the TV watching 20 or so people SO DESPERATE for fame they would spend 20 weeks stuck in a house!!?? i really dont understand this - and the fact that people i work with has nothing to speak to me about because i dont watch it!!!

    But charger if u went in the big brother house i would vote for ya ;)