• Well, we been down at my mum and dads house since tuesday and all the major wedding things are now sorted and booked!!

    The day is 26/05/07!!!

    we got the registry office, the cars, the reception, the food, the wine, the entertainment, the outfits everything sorted

    Am now in the process of opening a dodgy sweatshop with tiff making invites!!!

  • Congrates on the final date, sounds like things are really rolling right along!! It's always nice to have everything planned out and pretty much taken care of a few months before the big day that way you can still relax abit. JDM and I had a mess going on everything was pretty much last minute. What a mess!!!! It all went pretty well though. Thank GOD!!!
  • One thing I found out after getting attached, it was no longer good form to make racing car sounds with the buggy when shopping for food. I'm no longer allowed to drive the cart. Congrats,

  • Congrats on setting a date!

    So you secured Metallica as the entertainment then Jane? My gf assures me when she has her wedding that Iron Maiden AND Def Leppard will both be there for sure! *nod nod*

    Good luck with the rest of the planning.
  • QUOTE(Lethal @ Jun 22 2006, 12:14 AM) [snapback]66159[/snapback]
    My gf assures me when she has her wedding that Iron Maiden AND Def Leppard will both be there for sure! *nod nod*

    CAN I COME PLEEEEEEEEEASE?!?!? I LOVE DEF LEPPARD!! Lol, just kidding Lethal, maybe I'll book Def Leppard for my wedding.

    Congratulations oddish (oh yeah and tiff too ;) )! Now that your brain has become mush from setting the date now you have to do the wedding planning such as invites, catering and all that other nitty gritty. Really is a tiring process I'm sure. However, I hope it all goes smoothly.

    I think I've come up with a lot of ideas for whenever I get married that I will not comprimise over. Here's hoping the guy I get married to is a great guy and will totally let me have my way as far as those things go. :D

    Anyway, congratulations oddy! So, when do I have to start practicing my dance moves? :laugh:
  • All i will say is if you have the money - Dont compromise!! its your big day and dont let anyone start butting in with their demands!!

    We've been lucky - we doing it on a budget but have managed to get some total bargains!!!
  • It has been mental this week, dunno if I want to cry, sh!t myself or just laugh all the way. Got cars, venue, cards/invites sorted. Need to sort the suits out which will be cheaper to buy & keep them than to hire them! Seen a nice black all in one suit for all occasions but also seen a rather nice light cream/ivory one. Jane has sorted a designer wedding dress on which I'll have to wait till May next year to see but from what her mum has said it's spotty dog & very ###### fine. Just got to sort out Jane's dad to wear a waist coat & her cousin Daniel to wear a suit.

    We've spent a lot of money this week & will be living on ASDA Smart Price Bread & Beans till Christmas, but it's going to be a bloody good day. Just glad that we have friends who got married last year & not taken a leaf out of there book but took the whole book of them. We've spent hours, well Jane did 70% of the research, but we know that spending
  • Gosh, I tell ya, every time I read anything at all about "The Wedding" it makes me smile really really BIG! It's so great that you two are getting married!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for both of you that I have simply run out of words!!! :crybaby: :hug:

    Odd, be very careful with that bean diet... don't let Tiff trick you into sticking your head under the covers under any circumstances!!! :blink:
  • Our wedding was very simple, friends and family, shirt, shoes (optional) me and the Mrs. and a sunny day at the beach.........very nice.

    Now that I have a date I can now proceed with the proper training for the donkey.....:D