Need Help With Find The Clue Level
  • can someone tell me how to do this level i know its in the last car but i keep running out of time
  • Could you tell what game it is please
  • I'm suspecting it's Driver2 :g:
    But I could be wrong.
    If it is the find the clue mission of Driver 2 I guess there is not much that I can give you. You just have to do it over and over until you get better and better.
    Try to get your hands on sturdy cars that can take a beating I guess and keep struggling.
    I've heard of people smashing their controls over this mission and those who have spent over a year (hopefuly not without a break) trying to beat it.

    Just keep trying, you'll get there eventually.

    (Oh, and if you are talking about some other game never mind :bag: )