• What is the difference between the new PlayStation ones and the old non-analog PlayStations?
  • The only difference between the older model PlayStations and the PSOne is the size of the chipset inside.Your games will work fine.

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  • PSone is Portable , small and pointless in buying if you already have a psx! PSX is analog at the moment i am using a PSone controller in my PSX!!!!
  • The new PS-ONE is great, on of my Dudes has just bought a 5" lcd colour screen for his (cost him
  • Also I don't think you can use a gameshark on the new PS-ONE
  • You can't use the older models,which plugged into a parallel port.The newer version GameSharks plug into the memory card port.
  • ok - explain to me what a game shark is - and are they worth buying?

    ps: speaking of old consoles, my cousin has just moved his snake into it's own room, and he's thinking of putting a few old consoles in there for him to play with as he (the snake) has only got a Bud Party Can (empty of course) and a plastic Cartman. i think he ought to put his Dreamcast in there...not much use these days...hehehe :biggrin:
  • To me,no,they're not worth buying.Basically the GameShark lets you change certain aspects of a game (weapons,lives,etc.) using codes that you input prior to starting the game.The codes are easily found at game sites like API or at the official web site http://www.gameshark.com .Some user-submitted codes can be a tad unstable and freeze your game.
  • ps1 is the smaller model of of a playstation. the games will work just fine. my next door neighbour reckons that the pixel rate on the ps1 is lower because they have made the chipset smaller. i am not to shore about this but hey i'm not to shore about many things.