vibration function of controllers doesn't work
  • Please help the vibration function of my controllers
  • make sure the game is vibration compatible and if so you may have to turn it on in the games options menu
  • Jcandsc is right, some games arent vibration compatible. If your controller doesnt work and its a "third Party" or non Sony made controller than thats your ticket. Usually you can restart your game and it might work or go into the options on a game that is vibration compatible. Go into it and hit it off then on, if it jiggles your in. Hope this helps you out :thumbsup:
  • I have the same prob. :cry:
  • i dont see what the problem ismake sure that the vibration fuction is active in the and also if this doe'nt work well i don't know mines like if the vibration stops make sure ur analog is working if it is then the problem is BIG!!!!:erm:
  • how long have u had the playstation for? it could just be wear of the controller. that or the game may not be vibration function compatible