Happy Birthday!
  • Lyndon it's your birthday!! Happy birthday Lyndon!!

    Seriously though, happy birthday!! Hope your big day of going over the hill isn't too traumatic. :)

    Best wishes!!
  • Happy Birthday you old git! :w00t2:

    All down hill for you now. What did you get for your birthday? a retirement package?

    Have fun old wise one!
  • Ah wonderful bootiful lynny

    Hope you are having a wonderful day and have had very many snazzy pressies!!!!

    So how old are you now ;)

    Ready someone hold him down while he gets the birthday bumps

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :wub:
  • Show some respect you whippersnappers or you'll get the business end of my cane in your end! :blink:

    Nothing spectacular happening today, just taking it easy and enjoying the day. Going to be mucking around with the new toy I bought myself, one of those satellite radio recievers. Had been checking things out there for awhile and birthdays make a good excuse to do this sort of thing. :laugh:

    Jane, if you'r delivering the bumps no need to hold me down- I'll take them willingly!
  • :boxing: Bring on the paiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now lyn, make sure you dont have a birthday cake - that many candles in once place constitutes a fire risk and is against health and safety unless u have several fire exits and a fire marshall!!!

    have a loverly day :hug:
  • Happy Birthday Lyndon!

    Tell me, how is the view from the top of that hill? :laugh:

    Hope you have a great day!
  • Bets wishes from the other coast. Regards,
  • Happiest of Birthday wishes to ya Lyndon!

    Hope you had a great birthday, and just remember what they say... things only get better with AGE!
  • Happy Birthday Lyndon !

    Hope you had a brilliant day and the present fairies were really good to you !
  • My Goodness! Another birthday boy :blink:
    Well since I'm late I guess you'll have to store this cake I found and eat it next year :)

    Oh, and I took 10 years off just to make you feel a bit younger...