Happy Birthday
  • Happy Birthday Jim!

    To the head honcho, the big cheese, numero uno and provider of all we see...

    So it was your birthday after all?! I see you tried to hide it from us until the last minute! Afraid of getting spanked, I'm guessing! :laugh:

    Thanks for making this place so great! We all owe you a big present! Any requests?

    Here's hoping you had a great day! I'm buying the whole place a round in your name! Cheers!
  • I share today as a birthday with Jim? Whooda thunk it?? Happy B-day boss!
  • Jim's birthday is today too?!?!? WOW!!

    Happy birthday to our head honcho!! :D
    You going to bring all of us hobs knobs for your big party??? :59:
  • Birthday congrats would definitely be in order then, especially someone with such a great name!


    Hope you had a thrilling birthday!
  • well, you kept that one queit!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you had a grewat birthday and the mrs got u some nice pressies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Suppose your gonna have to get the birthday beats now :unsure:
  • When was this? What did I miss? Cake? :blink:

    Happy Birthday Jim.
    Even though ought to be the age were birthdays no longer means you are taken care of, instead you are taking care of all others it still is nice to have a little party. I hope there are many more to come.
  • Many thanks for the kind words guys.

    Amazing that we share a B-Day Lyndon and both of us never realised.

    Gotta go before someone gives me the birthday 'bumps', 'beats' or 'punches'... or all three !