it just stoped playing games
  • i have a playstation its not chipped i was playing chrono cross when it locked up i turned off the power and when i turned it back on it when to the memory card screen now it dose this with all my games but it plays music cd's fine its about 5 years old i used a disc cleaner in it and it work for about 5 min then just went to the memory card screen again so i tryed the disc cleaner again but it did not help
    anyone know how i can fix this mess
  • Hmm, clear case of age.
  • i can make a few suggestions...i'm not an electronics expert, so you might want to wait for more advice before trying anything i tell you.

    --it might be humidity.
  • hey juggleknot you are right about the fan thing that happen to me about 2 years ago and i blowed in it and it fixed it so maby you should try that dude it will save you money
  • ok its either ur cd is scrached or its dat ur lens is weak or knocked out so as gene said go and get it repaired dont try ne thing ur self
    see ya around and hope u get ur playstation back fast!!! :)