Your First Video Game!
  • Almost everyone remembers the first video game they played. Maybe it was a coin-op arcade game or NES Mario Brothers? Was it Playstation? Or something else? Tell us about it!

    The very first video game I ever played was Pong!

    First Atari game was Space Invaders.

    First NES was Metroid.

    First Sega Genesis was X-Men.

    First Playstation was some Hockey game a friend had.

    First PS2 was Grand Theft Auto III.

    First PSP was Tiger Woods Golf.

    How about you? What was the first video game you played?
  • I would have to say Pong on the Atari, in a mates house when we were kids, would be the first game I played

    The first coin op that I have any significant recollection of playing was Outrun

    The first Playstation game was Ridge Racer and the First Playstation 2 game was Ridge Racer 5. I have yet to purchase a PSP........

    I dont recall the first game on the X-box, and have never held a GC controller in my hand.
    I can recall playing an ice hockey game on the Megadrive until my thumb bled into the controller and shorted it :unsure:

    And my first PC game was either F 19 or F 15 Strike Eagle, I cant remember which.
  • WOW! Chris, this is a REALLY good topic!

    First ever coin-op video game - got to say PONG, but have conflicting memories of BreakOut.

    First laser disc arcade - Dragons Lair/Space Ace

    The Rest I'll do in Alphabetical order

    Atari 2600 (wood style console) Yar's Revenge

    Colecovision - Defender

    C64 - Sam Fox Strip Poker!!

    Dreamcast - Resident Evil Code: Veronica

    Game Boy - Tetris

    Gamecube - Pikmin

    Intellivision - Moto-Cross or Worm Whomper

    Jaguar - Doom

    Lynx - Hydra

    MSX/MSX2 - Metal Gear & Metal Gear 2:Solid Snake

    Neo-Geo (Wish I still had this) - Metal Slug

    NES - Metroid

    N64 - Goldeneye

    PC (first home built one) Doom & Quake

    PlayStation - RIDGE RACER!!!! (still got it, The first batched machine mint & game, mint condition)

    Playstation 2 - Ridge Racer V & SSX

    PSP - Burnout Legends

    SG-1000 - Hang-On 2

    Saturn - Resident Evil

    Sega 32X - Star Wars Arcade

    Sega Master System - Alex Kid

    Sega Mega Drive - Sonic

    SNES - Donkey Kong Country

    TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine - R-Type I & II

    VIC 20 - Centipede

    X-BOX - Halo 2 (only bought the game cause Jane brought the machine when she moved or she was going to leave it at her Dad's as a paper weight)

  • My first video game was a coin-op PONG at the Tastee-Freeze,

    my first Atari 2600 was Combat
    first nes was Super Mario Brothers
    first snes was Super Metroid
    first n64 was Super Mario 64
    first Intellivision was Dreadnaught Factor
    first Genesis was Sonis The Hedgehog
    first Gameboy was Dr Mario
    first Dreamcast was Soulcalibur
    first Gamecube was Metroid Prime
    first X-Box was HALO
    first Gameboy SP was Metroid Fusion
    First PS was Tomb Raider
    first PS2 Grand Theft Auto III
  • Hmmm let's see. :g:

    First NES game was DuckHunt.
    First SNES game was Yoshi's Island.
    First N64 game was Star Fox 64.
    First Playstation game was Final Fantasy VII.
    First Playstation 2 game was Kareoke Revolution.
    First GameBoy game was Tetris.
    First GameBoy Color game was Pokemon Yellow.
    First Nintendo DS game was Nintendogs.
    First Gameboy Advance game was Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town.
    First Gamecube game was Super Smash Bros: Melee!
    First PC game was Spear of Destiny.
    First MAC game was Thinkin' Things.

  • :blink: Uh, I don't remember!!

    It might have been Pong! I remember a friend having that.
    We had an Atari console when I was a kid but I can't really remember what game I played first on that one. Might have been Pac-man or a Bowling game or a Racing game...

    Can't rememeber my first NES (Might have been Kid Icaros), SNES or SEGA.
    First XBOX was Burnout3, that wasn't that long ago.

    First Gameboy was Double Dragon I think.

    My first PC game was a Math-game called Cheops Pyramid on a 286. I remember having my father explaining how to calculate square roots to me and reading in a math dictionary how to apply Pythagoras Theorem. :laugh: That game might have had a rather strong impact on me.

    I can't remember my first PS1 game, I vaguely remember buying the console though.
    Can't remember my first PS2 game either but I remember the last game I bought for the PS1 before that was FFVII

    I do remember alot of games I have played, I just don't remember in what order.

  • First ever coin-op video game - outrun

    Atari St500 - Fast food dizzy

    Dreamcast - Was a football thing of some description

    Game Boy - Tetris

    Gamecube - Luigis mansion

    NES - zelda i think

    N64 - super mario 64

    PC theme hospital - And i still have it :p

    PlayStation - resident evil 1 or a wrestling game of my 1st boyfriends brother

    Playstation 2 - onimusha 2 when one of my fellow managers at macs used to bring it in and hook it up to the TV in the managers office

    PSP - medievil

    0Sega Master System - sonic

    Sega Mega Drive - Sonic

    SNES - Donkey Kong Country

    X-BOX - splinter cell
  • You honestly expect some of us to remember that far back? :laugh:

    The first home video game I played was one of the pong variants out in the mid-to-late 70s called the Telstar Arcade- it had the regular pong/tennis game along with a 2 player hockey game and single player handball. Had played it quite a bit (which was apparent by the burn in on the picture tube).

    As for the rest of the consoles/handhelds:

    Atari 2600-Combat
    Atari 7800- Pole Position 2
    NES- Super Mario Bros./ Duck Hunt (sorry, Kenny, but I had to try shooting that dog when he started laughing at the misses made :devilish: )
    SNES- Super Mario World
    TurboGrafx-16/ PC Engine- Alien Crush
    Sega Genesis/ Megadrive- Altered Beast
    Gameboy (the original)- Tetris
    PlayStation- Ridge Racer
    Nintendo 64- Super Mario 64
    XBox- Buffy The Vampire Slayer (was one of the few games i liked during the short time I owned this)
    PlayStation 2- Smugglers Run
    PlayStation Portable- Twisted Metal: Head On
    Gamecube- Super Monkey Ball
    Nintendo DS- Mario Kart DS
    XBox 360- Kameo for actual games on disc, i mucked around with Hexic, the free LiveArcade game on the hard drive a good bit also).

    Lessee...think that about covers it all. Looking back on that list i kinda wish i had all the cash back i spent on those systems. :crybaby:

  • Awesome Topic! I am, ofcourse a lot younger than many of you and my family was pretty poor through my childhood, If I wanted games I paid my own way or it had to be a birthday etc.

    First Console:


    First N64 Game :

    Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time

    First PSX Game :

    Need for Speed : Hot Pursuit

    First PC Game :

    Age of Empires II : Age of Kings

    First GameBoy Game:

    Super Mario World (Came with the pack)

    First X-Box Game :


    Not very retro at all!
  • Magnavox Odyssey- Pick Ax Pete
    Atari 7800- Jordan vs. Bird
    NES- Super Mario Bros./ Duck Hunt
    SNES- Battletoads
    TurboGrafx-16- Bonk
    Sega Genesis- FIFA Soccer
    Gameboy - Tetris
    PlayStation- Twisted Metal
    Nintendo 64- WWF No Mercy
    PlayStation 2- Smackdown, Know your role!
  • First Playstation: Air Combat or NHL 98 can't remember
    First PS2: Gran Turismo 3
    First Gamecube: Mario Sunshine
    First Xbox: Halo
    First Gameboy: Pokemon
  • To be honest I'm not quite sure. I think my first games console was the Sega Master System, but I'm not totally sure if I had something before that.
    Anyway, first game on that was the built-in game, Alex The Kidd. I quite liked that game, took me ages to get past the Rocky Mountain area though. That castle was pretty hard as well. I was like 7 or 8 at the time, mind, lol.
  • Can't remember the name of the first game I played. It was around 1974, and the game was like Asteroids without the asteroids. You had a rocket style ship that rotated left or right and had forward thrust and a fire control, with an alien flying saucer to battle. Played lots of coin op Pong. Killed too many brain cells in the 80's to remember my first Atari 2600 game. This goes way back.
    Atari ? Colecovision - Zaxxon
    Intellivision - Sea Battle
    NES - Blades of Steel
    Sega Genesis - NHL 94 (was at a friends and was so wowed immediately ran out to get my own system)
    Game Boy - Kid Icarus
    PS 1 - Tomb Raider 2 (closely followed by Oddworld)
    PS 2 - Baldur's Gate
    Game Boy SP - Zelda 4

    Most played - Atari 2600 - the Activision series, Colecovision - Ladybug, Intellivision - B52 Bomber, NES - the 80's are pretty foggy for me, Genesis - Master of Monsters, PS 1 - CivilizationII, PS 2 - Baldur's Gate/Norrath (4 variations of the same thing). We've also played Ace Combat 4 to death.
  • The first video game I played was Pong. The sit-down variety, it was placed in a local restaurant in the area where everyone waits to be seated. That was back in the late 70's.

    After that, it was Spyro the Dragon on the gray box, and that was about 2000.

    I know, lots of time passed in between the two, but until I played Spyro, I thought that video games ruined kids by keeping them indoors when they should be outside playing. And, I was outside playing.
  • Mmm first video game aye :g:

    got to be that ping pong tennis game with the two lines as bats and the square dot as a ball, either that or Space Invaders or Defender .... Memory fading... too many aliminium cooking utensils but I do remember from the Commodore 64 onwards.

    Commodore 64: Bastow Manor (text adventure with crude graphics)
    Amiga 500: F18 (fighter pilot sim)
    Amiga 2000: Warmonger (from the makers of Populous)
    PS1: Tomb Raider 2
    PS2: Eye Toy 1 (came as a package) followed closely by Vice City
    PC: Age of Empires 2

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