chrono cross wont work
  • help i recently bought chrono cross and the first night i had it it goofed my playstation so that no games would play the next morning all my games worked excpet for chrono cross so i exchanged it the new copie worked some of the time and some of the time it wont work at all but all my other games still work so i exchanged it again and it dose the same thing some times it works and other times it just go's to the memory card screen disk 2 from chrono cross and all my other games work just fine and if i start chrono cross from disk 2 it work untill it tells me to switch to disk one then it eather loads really really slow or it says wrong disk my playstation is about 5 years old its a modle scph-5501 any one know whats wrong with it i think maybe the laser has is going out cause i have cleaned the game
  • I hear ya bro, same thing happened with me with FF8. Basically the PSX maybe to old to play the newer games.
  • Gene is right; Some of the newer games don't work in the older PSX machines. I know that this is dumb but it's because of the new security that they use that helps keep the games from being pirated but it also doesn't always work with some newer games. I'm sorry but you may need to either get another newer model PSX or schill out the extra $200 to get the newest and greatest in high quality Sony gaming. Depending on the games that you look on playing i would recommend the PS2 since most of the PSX games play in the PS2, many high quality games just out or on the way, and you also have a DVD player all in one. Well, i hope that you'll be able to enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • I think the problem is when the Psx get old some games doesn