This Isn't According To Plan!
  • Today it struck me that what I am working with at the moment is something I have never had an interest in and never thought I'd would do for a living, namely computer programming.
    OK, so it is not hardcore programming for a software manufacturer but still I'm sort of amazed over sitting here getting excited over figuring out a smart line of coding.

    Do you have any of these twists and turns happening to your "Life-master plan"?
    Maybe you didn't have a plan (I know I didn't) but still you have found yourself at a place in life that you really couldn't have had expected some years or months ago?

  • Well to say my life has has taken a twist would be an understatement, it's gone completely in the opposite direction.

    Okay let me try to explain.
    Ever since getting my Playstation when I was still at school (High School, Secondary School, whatever you wanna call it) I've wanted to be a Computer Gamews designer. So I put in for a Computer Studies course at a semi-local college (Was in Leeds which is about 10 miles South-East of where I live). Anyway, turned out my GCSE's weren't good enough so I had to a GNVQ Intermediate in Information Technology. I had to get a Merit (out Pass, Merit, and Distinction, oh and Fail but I'm sure everyone realises that Fail is bad). Anyway, I got the desired result (Merit), so I was able to start my BTEC National Diploma in Computer Studies the following year (September 2000). So I did that course, then, in er December 2001 I think (the second year of my two-year course) I applied for a Computer Games design course at a University. They looked at my results that I had so far and said I was suitable but I had to get a couple more Distinctions, think I had one at the time. So I tried but I didn't manage it, just missed out on two units where I got Merit's but was VERY close to getting the marks for Distinctions. Anyway, I didn't get into the course. Could've done a kind of step up Introductory I course think but couldn't be bothered.
    This was now at the time I was with my, now, ex-girlfriend. SO I moved down to where my girlfriend lived (presume she still does) called Worcester (er pronounced Wuster) and tried an IT course down there. Didn't like it because it had alot of business parts to it, more technical than practical.
    My then girlfriend suggested I try something different. You see I've always been good around kids, sooo, she suggested I try some sort of course involving children. So I applied to the Worcester college for a place on the Higher National Diploma in Childhood Studies for the following year. Anyway, I got on the course and started the same year (2003) in September. Anyway, I got about half-way through the first year of the two year course when I broke up with my girlfriend and well it was a really bad break up, and so my college work didn't really matter much to me (this was about January 2004). So I moved back home round Easter time.
    September 2004 I was applying at the college in my town (it's actually a small building, a kind of 'extra' site for the main college in Leeds). Anyway, I wanted to do an I.T. course. As I was signing up for that course I was talking to one of the Tutors about 'stuff' and I happened to mention about the Childhood Studies course, that's when she mentioned about the course they were doing at that building. Now, originally I was going to sign up for this course because I saw in their little brochure/catalogue/magazine thingy that they were running the course at that site. However, when I looked on the college website it didn't have the course down as being available at that site.
    Anyway, the Tutor spoke to me about it, said they WERE doing it there, and I ended up enrolling on a CACHE Level 2 Teaching Assistant course. The 2 year course just finished for me (well in February this year actually), and, come August when I get my certificate, I will be a fully qualified Teaching Assistant. I am now looking for a job as a TA in local schools.

    So as you can see my life didn't just take a twist, it went in the COMPLETE different direction.

    Oh BTW, sorry for the long winded post :unsure:
  • Ever since I was about four years old I've only wanted to play piano. I fell asleep to my mom playing piano and was able to hum back all of her pieces she would play for me.

    Once I was about seven years old I began taking lessons with a piano teacher whom I ended up taking from until I was eighteen.

    Once I was eighteen I began looking for a college to go to and found out that one school my mom was pushing for had a fairly RENOUND(spelling?) music department and so I auditioned to become a piano major. I didn't get it. Second time...third time...and then the forth time they conditionally accepted me. It wasn't until the fifth time that I auditioned for them that they finally decided to let me into the music department.

    But the funny thing was is that my grandparents, parents, best friends and cousins all told me that they all expected I would be an author, journalist or something to the effect of writing. I used to get 12's on my essays (that's a perfect score for those of you whom aren't familiar with the system) in high school and so they've all pushed for me to attempt to write or something.

    Not too many colleges offer creative writing classes or a degree for it though...and that's understandable. How can you truly grade creativity? You can't.

    But in any case, I'm switching my major this fall to English with a Writing Emphasis. If all else fails, I can always just get a Teaching Degree. I love kids and all but right now I'm not too sure whether or not I'd be able to stand them for 8 hours a day.

    In any case though, I never expected I would be going to college for English. The idea always seemed rather silly to me. Really odd how your mind can change. ;)
  • I did a degree in environmental science and engineering - expecting that i would spend my time in a lab somewhere testing samples or be (literally) out in the field collecting samples.

    After leaving uni (with a pretty decent grade) i couldnt find a job in this field so floated from one job to the next totally unfullfilled - until i got my first job in a pharmacy

    This position seemed like it was made for me!!! I absolutley ADORE the work i do now and i have never EVER been able to say that before. When i first moved towns i had to work in a call centre and i got very close to depression as i detested the job, the people, the customers! I didnt feel complete until i started back in the pharmacy

    Have been at this place over 12 months now and in september will be fully qualified - pretty much as far as i can go for now wothout working my way through the hospital grades (which is well paid but very competitive and hard going - the hospital pharmacy is a horrid place to work!!)

    Looking back to were my life was 3 years ago i would never have imagined myself here - living with and marrying my best friend and being in a job i absolutley adore!
  • Well for me as a games tester/reviewer went ###### up the day I left school. I ended up as a trainee signmaker to tide me over till I got sorted. 16 years later of doing that line of work & I was good at it, REALLY F**KING good at it I turned around my life the same time that I lost my Father & wanted no more crap of customers, sick of sorting out other peoples mistakes, making phone calls, meeting people, working in the winter outside buggering my knees up, so I went F' it and got a dead beat job so I could turn my mind off during work & be a Bee drone. It took 1 month of 3 shift factory work & I started to sleep properly at night due to the lack of stress.

    But after 18 months of that I found myself promoted to other levels & could go no further, also being part of that I gain a full FLT License (Fork Lift Truck). A very natural gift. I was good, yup that sort of good! got praised from the shift manager for keeping the place clean, truck services correctly, stock levels 100% spot on, then I did something to my neck, trapping a nerve & unable to turn my head to the side. They didn't give a toss about me with the 3 months of pain that I was going through so I quit & got my current job.

    I've only worked there over a year & the place is shutting down in 3 months time. I love this job. 2 easy shift system, good pay, great lads to work with, work is spot on & I was progressing up the ladder faster than a weasel with it's tail on fire. Was starting to train as a machine operator which takes at least 5 years service before your considered for it, all due to being good at what I can do & a higher learning curve than most others in the factory including Team Leaders

    Now I'm looking for something different in my life. I've put in for Chemical processing jobs as I like that sort of lab stuff, but still like to play those games & write stuff down. Lets see what happening in the next 12 months then
  • I'm always amazed at how life and change just keep rolling along despite what we may plan or wish. I was a lousy student and had little ambition and just floated along for years. Instead of going to high school graduation we went to see the Pink Floyd lazer show at the local planetarium (there were still plenty of parties after!). I was never going to be a family person either. Now that I am, as well as being a Scout leader and pillar of the community (egad) I look back at one or two events that caused a tiny little ripple which down the road a ways ended up causing huge change in my life. Life is inexorable. Also, wouldn't change a minute of it, although I can barely remember the 80's, and there's minimal photographic evidence. I do remember quite a bit about indoor gardening though.