• How do you use the double capacity memory cards? I cannot see more than the 15 blocks that show on a regular mem screen. I saw a 60 block card at the store but did not buy it because the 30 block card I have now mus only be 1/2 full.
  • Multipage cards have different ways of moving back and forth-some have a button on the card itself,but most have a control pad combination that you would use to move to the next page.If you can find them check the instructions that should have been included with the card.
  • I have the two cards you are mentioning.
  • i got a 2x card al you do is push the button and go a blank page but you can go to a store like walmart and buy one w/ more blocks for more money
  • i have a 2 pg memory card and u have to press l1 and select together to change pg
  • Considering all the posts I've seen both here and at other forums I find it very hard to recommend any memory card not made by Sony.To me it's worth the extra few bucks to know the save won't get lost.
  • i have a bayform 4 meg memory card. it has 4 pages with 15 blocks on each page. i have to press and hold start while pressing L1 or R1 to change pages

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