Avatar: What's The Story?
  • Okay, perhaps this isn't the greatest topic for right now as people have WAR avatars, but some of us don't and I'd actually like to know the story behind some of them.

    For those of you whom don't know what an avatar is, it's the little picture you have right underneath your username. As you can see mine is RedXIII from the RPG Final Fantasy VII. This picture is pretty much how he looks anytime you see him while playing the game save maybe the FMV.

    Anyway, I chose this avatar because I like RedXIII. This avatar is subject to change, but for right now I'm sticking with my favorite classic. :clap:

    Well folks, let's hear it.
  • I couldn't find my old avatar from thread a few years ago so I found and started using the monkey from "The Family Guy" (I think). It just looks funny :D They also taste good too :devilish:
  • I've got a few different ones on other forums, but this one I found out from one of our Chapter members as she promotes bands across the UK and one of them has come back for a second go. The AV is off the band Xentrix. They split up years back, got a new axe man & lead singer, were crap after that & then last year they popped back for the 90's metal revival. Man they sound even better with the original line up, back to raw sounds of there early days as a Metallica Covers Band. There logo has been around for a while & thought it looked ace as a sort of "The Machine Of War" Propaganda the Germans in the late part of WWII
  • The current Avatar I'm using is Wolverine from the X-Men. I'm a Marvel Comics fan and Wolverine is the best at what he does. I had to crop some of the original to fit it into the size restraints here but it still captured the essence of the character.

    If it's the war avatar you see, I simply picked the most sinister, evil looking man in the group. War ain't supposed to be pretty. :devilish:
  • Mine is an edited pic of wrestling legend Mil Mascaras. I love wrestling and art, it is the perfect combo. :devilish:
  • I went with the Jester Zorn from FFVII for a long while but now I have found a new darling. The Worchestershire cat.
    Mind you it took a good while to find this picture since the net is flooded with the Disney version which I aint very found of. I have edited the colors of the cat to match my nationality (Swedish) plus added a bit of shadow to get a bit of depth to the pic.

    In all the picture will continue the legacy of Zorn, to portrait me as a rational, on-topic, one-truth only person...
  • Ive been playing Kingdom Hearts lately so I decided to get an avatar of its cool looking villian Ansem. I do miss my Cloud one though.
  • My son got creative one day, latched onto the digital camera and took a few self photos with his hamster. Thought it was kind of neat.
  • MIne is just a little dark angel thingy - kinda looks like how i wished i look lol!!!

    I have a great metallica san fransisco one on that forum
  • As you probably noticed i had been using a flaming skull av a bit (was a pic of Ghost Rider, a Marvel Comics character and upcoming movie) but i decided to go for a change. Noticed Jim's announcement about adding avatars and decided to have a look- when i found a pic of the monkey from the Weeeeeeeee video among them I had to go for it. B)
  • As of...

    Time is now: 16th July 2006 - 06:22 AM

    My avatar is of the masked, chainsaw wielding villan "Leatherface" from Texas Chainsaw Massacre played by Gunnar Hansen. I like it... too bad if you dont :tongue:
  • As of 16 July 2006, Avatar is an alien grey with a headset. Reason - well my current PC chassis is an Alienware Area 51 machine and this is one of their logos, so corporate wh**e that i am..... :devilish:
  • How do you like your Alienware? I heard they are supposed to be some of the best computers out there.

    BTW, guys when Jim recently updated the forums all uploaded avatars were lost, but don't worry because you can re-upload your avatars. He also added a ton of very, very cool avs to the gallery so I suggest you check them out.
  • I have changed my avatar, to this funny puppy.

    It's the only puppy one I could find. Maybe I'll upload a "The Dog" avatar later. :D