Psp Umd Movies
  • With major film companies pulling the plug on the PSP UMD movie format due to the ease of downloading or ripping from DVD onto memorystick with a simple free program from Sony of all people, UK Video Gaming retailers are following suit by selling off the UMD Movies very cheap to make way for the winter of the PS3 Blue-Ray movie format.

    Gamestation in the UK are doing a cracking deal as part of there on-going price war against GAME by selling 3 PSP UMD movies for
  • When did all this happen? I have not heard anything here in the US yet but I will be looking now that you've said this. I buy many DVD movies but none for the PSP. With the price going down as you've said they might, I would look with interest at buying some UMD's for my PSP. I just hope Walmart sells them cheap as it is the only place around here I can get them.
  • This bit of news came about back in February, actually- due to poor sales of UMD movies (caused more by being priced similar to DVDs and lacking most of the extras moreso than the reason Tiff gave) some studios are scaling back/stopping making UMD versions of their movies.

    Not really a big deal for me- I only have 2 movies for the PSP. The original Spider-Man (came with the system) and the WWE's The Self-Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior. Whenever i do find the time to check out a movie at home it's on the television screen.

  • If this is due to poor sales, then the PSP is more than a failure..... since PSP movies have been outselling games, especially in Japan. I have quite a few PSP movies and haven't really noticed the amount I see in-store dwindle. Iunno, I expect that the more popular movies will still be available for PSP, but the little known ones will stick to DVD, BRD, and/or HD-DVD.

    I saw a commercial recently for a movie (I forget which one) and it said available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and PSP on whatever date it was. In any case, I doubt we'll see them gone completely unless Sony stops supporting the PSP altogether.
  • The really huge problem with UMD movies is the price. They are often more expensive than the equivalent DVD in the UK.

    The big seller for UMDs as far as I can see is actually bundling them WITH DVDs. Think about it; you buy a DVD for