Most Minging Thing Ever!
  • Yesterday at work this old lady came in and was asking one of my colleagues about patches to stop her smoking saying she had a rash on her arm and leg from were the patch had been. RHiann called me through to have a look so i checked out the one on her arm and it was all red and blotchy. So had a bit of a chat about getting her changed to some oral product. In rthe meantime she asks if i wanna see the one on the top of her leg and before rhiann could say no its ok - This 82 year old woman just pulls down her trousers to reveal she was going commando!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :crybaby:

    You know when you just dont know what to do or say or were to look!!!!!!! So i went oh erm yeah very ok - and just bolted into the back of the shop!! Poor rhiann followed - the woman had gone pulling her pants up as she walked out!!!! It was a learning experience for the girl if nowt else!!

    Ugh - im getting shudders just thinking about it!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The neckid human body is a natural and beutiful thing.
    My many years nursing demeted people has thought me that.
    Oh, I've seen some things and had my hands further up places than I thought I'd ever have. :D
    It takes a little getting used to but once you get beyond your scruples there's nothing to it.
    I never did completely overcome my embarssement when washing some of the more complex anatomy of the male patients. Never felt really at easy kneeling with a spunge in my my hand... :blush:

    So did the poor woman get any alternative medication?
  • QUOTE(manneman @ Jul 12 2006, 09:23 AM) [snapback]66804[/snapback]
    So did the poor woman get any alternative medication?[/b]

    Dunno bout Alternative Medicine, but wouldn't be surprised if you ended up seeing her on one of those TV programs. Bit like Animals Do The Wierdest Things, but a Human version (Humans Do The Wierdest Things?) Hopefully it would do the TV things where they scramble the Said Revealed Area so you can't actually see anything. I hope so anyway :blink:

  • There's an old guy who doesn't see so well. He hasn't had any in a long time and gets advice that a nice gift might help him out. He goes out and picks up the sheerest(and quite expensive) lingerie that he can find and that night springs it upon the wife. It sparks things nicely but being a guy he of course leaves the price tag on. She's taken aback by how much it cost and realizing that the money could be more wisely spent she decided to pretend to wear it and simply return it herself later for a refund. "His eyesight is so bad" she thought to herself "He'll never notice the difference". She entered the bedroom batting her eyes saying "What do you think?" "Well" he said, "you look great, but for the money I paid for that stuff you think they would've ironed it first".
  • At work in M&S I had a gentleman in about his 50's I'd say, asking whether we sold a certain style of underpants - before I had a chance to respond he was un-doing his trousers and showing me these lovely tanga like pants. :(
  • Oh fluff :hug:

    Im going to start a support group -!
  • Lordy lord... bad, bad, bad... thank zues it didnt happen to me! Thats all I can say. Lol. Tough break Janeybobs!