Rock Star Supernova
  • Following the success of Rock Star INXS, reality TV super producer Mark Burnett has brought back Rock Star, but this season is different. Brooke Burke and Dave Navarro are back hosting the show but this season has a twist. Supernova is the band looking for a new lead singer.

    Supernova is a new super band comprised of Tommy Lee from M
  • Chris, I've PM'd you about it :punk:
  • Oh, I am so watching this!!!! I'm really disappointed about this week though, Chris should have stayed and Zayra should have been gone!! She SUCKS!!!!!!!! As far as the 3 rockers that make up the band so far love them,always have. I just can't wait to see what the band is actually going to do once they pick their lead singer.
  • You know, I felt the same about them dismissing Chris, but here is why I think they did.

    #1. He has the stage presence of a wet towel.
    #2. If he has personality, it surely doesn't show up in his performances.
    #3. Two weeks in a row in the bottom three.
    #4. He's performed 4 times now and only 1 was worth listening to.

    Now, I realize it is early in the competition, but really you know that sooner or later he was going to go. At least Zayra shows some personality. Don't worry, she won't last long either. I think as far as their elimination performances, Chris did a much better job than Zayra (who couldn't even be bothered to come up with a new song for the elimination night). If Chris had done that the night before I believe he might have been safe. Props to Jill for her elimination performance. She knocked it out and left no doubt after that Courtney Love mess she spewed the night before.

    So, who is the front-runner in your opinion? For the men, I think Josh and Lukas both have skills, but I give the edge to Toby. So far he is a cut above the others. For the women, I think Dilana fits the look and feel of Supernova and Tommy digs her, you can tell. I wouldn't count out Storm or Jill either. Everyone can have an off night.

    Great show for those of you missing it... Check it out!
  • I've seen it advertised over here, in good ol' Blighty, but I'm not watching it. Not really interested in Reality Shows, tipified (spelling?) by the fact that I flat out refuse to watch the :pooh: that is Big Brother.
  • The singers I like so far would have to be: For the girls, Dilana and Storm. For the guys, Toby,Magni and Lukas.
  • Another performance night last night and the more things change, the more they stay the same!

    How about Jason getting up and banging out "White Rabbit" with the house band? :punk: Slammed right into Phil and he didn't miss a beat. I think this only helps Phil this week because who is going to vote against a performance with Jason in it? Phil needs the help.

    I must say Magni has stepped his performances up since the first show. I thought he would be gone early but with his last two performances he has come back nicely. Josh is looking less like a front runner than I originally thought. He has skills, but I don't know if he has qualities Supernova seems to be looking for.

    Zayra was once again perplexing with her performance. She has pipes and can sustain a high note, but I still don't think she has enough. Even Supernova admitted they might have been mistaken by keeping her over Chris last week.

    Toby took a chance showing a softer side but was not rewarded for it. I still think he is the front runner along with Dilana. She tore it up again and has yet to give a bad performance. I was getting sick while Lukas performed (literally sick, but not from his performance) so I missed it. I'll have to replay the tape today.

    I predict the bottom three tonight will be all women... Dana, Jenny and Zayra.
  • Started to watch it on HDD from a friend and it's now on UK Sky TV. (it's a week late & you can't vote!)

    Just one thing to say to Ex-Metallica Jason Newsted

    "Lame, pretty f***king Lame!!!"
  • Like MeatLoaf says, "Two out of three ain't bad."

    So I guessed two out of three. How Zayra escaped the bottom three is beyond me. :huh:
    They made the right decision in sending Jenny home.
    QUOTE(Tiff @ Jul 19 2006, 05:04 PM) [snapback]67054[/snapback]
    Just one thing to say to Ex-Metallica Jason Newsted... Lame[/b]

    Come on now, Tiff! The man is just trying to make a living and have some fun!

    I just wanna have some kicks...
    I just wanna get some chicks...
    Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock Star Supernova!

  • Yes I agree that Jenny had to go!! Zayra did do better and I see why she made it but she is not what the band is looking for unless they are going to do mellow crap. And I just don't see that happening.I can't stand Lukas myself kinda hope he goes. Magni rocked this week and so did Dilana. Toby, oh Toby, he's still got it but yes he did step it down abit. Still love him.
  • Jason must be a bit short of cash eh <_< <br />

    I havent been watching it as we dont have sky anymore (but thats another story :bash: ) and tiff has been watching the recorded thing late on when he finishes work

    I agree about reality TV being a big pile of :pooh: but i did watch 'love island' for ten mins the other night because steve-o outta Jackass was on and i love him - But the stoopid bimbos were just irritating me so i turned it off after 10 mins

    I am the only person i know who has never watched any Big Brother!!
  • O.k. once again Zayra makes it through after being in the bottom three! I do have to say Phil had to go but I think he did a better job than Zayra. I just hope that she ends up in the bottom next week and thats the end of her.
    I really loved Toby, Dilana, Storm,and Ryan this week.
  • Yep. Zayra made it through once again. Go figure?! I think what happened is Phil was never going to win this thing (neither is Zayra) but when you have to choose between a bobble head Phil and a kooky, sorta sexy Zayra, the lesser of two evils is the hotter chick. Especially when Tommy Lee has a say in it. I think Gilby might actually have a little thing for her but doesn't want to admit it.

    You got to hand it to Storm for this week. Not only did she get the encore but she firmly notched herself as the co-frontrunner of the women. It really is a two horse race between Dilana and Storm as far as the women go. One is a seasoned mare and the other is a sexy filly. They both can run it just depends on what Supernova wants.

    Patrice and Dana are "also rans" at this point and are one bad performance away from the bottom three. Of course, they will have Zayra to contend with. The queen of escape has a knack for surviving elimination. The only thing that kept Jill out of the bottom three was Gilby sitting in on Brown Sugar. Once again, I doubt any performance with a member of Supernova will make the bottom three. I did find it funny that Gilby berated her bump and grind antics on stage. He's no prude.

    The men remain steady with Lukas, Toby and Magni tied up for the top spot, in my opinion. All three have been solid as far as the men go. Josh is destined for the bottom three eventually despite his talent. I just don't see the edge or grit Supernova needs. While Ryan stepped up his performance, I don't think he will last much longer either. I thought his stage act felt forced but we'll see how he follows it up next week.

    Can't wait to see what Zayra brings next week! :laugh:
  • So not pleased!!!! Zayra slides by once again, kinda sad to see Dana go,can't beleive Toby was in the bottom 3 sometime during the voting ,( but his performance was off)this week.Why,Why can she not die??!!!! Big deal she wears sleezy outfits her singing SUCKS!!!! They have to let Zayra go,they just have to!!!!! PLEASE?!?!?
  • Grrr we are sooo behind on this!!!

    I have to admit the ones i am craling at to watch are getting me hooked!! Sky three (the only sky channell we get now :() had the behind the scenes stuff on but all the guys u say are booted are still on.
  • QUOTE(star31 @ Aug 3 2006, 03:11 PM) [snapback]67578[/snapback]
    So not pleased!!!! Zayra slides by once again...Why,Why can she not die??!!!! Big deal she wears sleezy outfits her singing SUCKS!!!! They have to let Zayra go,they just have to!!!!! PLEASE?!?!?[/b]

    Ahhh, poor Zayra. Nobody loves her yet she still remains. I've got to say she is growing on me (kinda like a wart does). Like I said before, I can't wait to see what she will bring each week. Not only has Gilby got a secret crush on her, I think Jason is starting to as well. He gets goo-goo eyes everytime she takes the stage. She is kinda sexy in an exotic sort of way and I love how she interacts with Supernova. Let's see what she does with her own lyrics and melody next week.

    In regards to this last show, I would totally agree with the bottom three. Jill destroyed the Simple minds with her screeching yet turned in a brilliant performance on elimination night. It was easily her best performance. One comment on her though... When you are 5 foot tall, try not using 3 foot extensions in the hair. If she bends over she's gonna trip on them.

    The other two in the bottom, Patrice and Dana, I thought both of them should have went home. A double elimination would wake up the rest to the fact that you are one bad show from going home. Dana's rendition of Baba O'Riley made me cringe as The Who is my all time favorite band and she destroyed it. Even Tommy Lee's star power couldn't save Patrice from the bottom three and rightly so. She is boring me bringing that same junk every week and pales compared to Dilana and Storm. They are the women to beat and I don't see Patrice being the one to do it.

    Now, what surprised me the most this week was Lukas. I swear he sang 3/4 of that song to the drummer. He has been super slick up until this week but really screwed the pooch and got called on it. I'm curious to see what happens next week. He and Toby both lost some credibility and with Supernova paying special attention to Magni this week, it could hurt them both.

    Ryan definitely deserved the encore. I knew the second he was done that he had the encore wrapped up for elimination night. Good for him because he needed a boost. Josh once again showed he has talent but I'm afraid in the end he just doesn't fit the look and feel of Supernova.

    Next week should be very interesting. In the original Rock Star INXS, JD Fortune separated himself from the rest during the original lyrics week and the same could happen this week. I am curious to see who has the writing skills to back up their musical talent. This coming week could be make it or break it.
  • What happened to original lyrics week? I could have sworn that Jason said they would be getting some original music written by Supernova and would have to come up with their own lyrics and melody?! I'll have to go back and watch the tape unless it's for an upcoming show. Anyways...

    WOW! What a show last night. By far the best yet. Starting the show off with The Who :punk: you can't go wrong. Hard to believe nobody wanted that except Dilana. A sure sign of weakness when you're scared to perform with a member of Supernova. Just because Patrice choked the week before doesn't mean everyone will. She just sucks, period. Is anybody else tired of her besides me? She reminds me of a mule in this horse race.

    There were so many good performances that it is hard to single one out. Josh really did well despite being caught off guard by Tommy Lee. Lukas came back and gave his best performance to date. Even Ryan followed up his best week with an intense performance. He has stepped it up and is no longer the weakest man, in my opinion. Magni and Lukas are the men to beat.

    The choice among the women is clearer than ever. Dilana and Storm. Same song, second verse. Btw, could Storm be any sexier if she tried? :wub: Jill and Patrice were boring once again and even though Zayra was entertaining, she might be close to going home. I think for the sake of ratings they will keep her a bit longer. We'll see tonight as I'm sure she'll be in the bottom three.

    Encore tonight... I'm betting Lukas gets it. Who's going home... I'll guess before seeing their performances tonight and say Patrice. Or Jill. Or both. Cross your fingers for Zayra tonight! ;) We need at least one more week of her!
  • Hmmm - ive seen one were they split hp into teams in the house and wrote lyrics to some of supernovas songs. i It wasnt a voting off show though - it was one of the 'in the house' shows.
  • QUOTE(oddish182000 @ Aug 10 2006, 01:37 AM) [snapback]67778[/snapback]
    Hmmm - ive seen one were they split hp into teams in the house and wrote lyrics to some of supernovas songs. i It wasnt a voting off show though - it was one of the 'in the house' shows.[/b]

    Where are you seeing this? I'm jealous! We only get two shows a week. The performance night (Tues) and elimination night (Wed). I know they did it last season with INXS and I was looking forward to seeing it. I guess I'll have to go to the website to see if they have it there?

    Not too much of a shocker last night. I knew a double elimination was in the air. Mentioned it might happen sooner or later. Only problem is the voting public dropped Mr. Cool and kept the MULE. Patrice needs to go... last week. Every time I see her goofy @$$ I like her less and less. I thought Josh did well in his elimination performance but like I said before, he has obvious talent, just not right for Supernova.

    I guessed right on the encore and Lukas sounded even better the second time. Magni also sounded great "plugged in" this time for the surprising second encore. I was disappointed that Ryan was in the bottom three as I thought Patrice belonged there instead.

    Sweet, kooky Zayra has got some fans out there. Seems like she has become the darling of the competition! That should make star31 happy. :devilish: As long as she outlasts Patrice I'll be happy with that.
  • YES, Finally that fricken freak wench is gone!!!! I am SOOOOooooooooo happy!!!!!!!! WOW, go Dilana GO!!! She did awsome tonight performing with the band. If a woman is to be the lead for these guys it's got to be her. I love that raspy singing voice and she rocks it every time she gets on stage. I was surprised to see Magni in the bottom 3 tonight but they do have to have 3 in there and was pretty sure it wasn't going to be him going home.

    Yes, Chris I will agree with you about Patrice but Zayra really had to go ( like the first night)!! Now Patrice can go!!
  • :angry2: I can't believe it. All the "fun" of Rock Star died for me tonight. I think they made a poor decision sending Zayra home. While I don't think Zayra would ever win the top spot, I know I would never pay to see or hear Patrice front Supernova. The bland, uninspired pretender has remained while one of the truly unique and dynamic performers in this competition has gone home. Zayra, you won me over and you will be missed! :(

    Tonight was the first real taste of Supernova as a band and I thought musically they sounded just okay. I guess I expected something different from these guys. Dilana did okay fronting the band but I couldn't really get into the lyrics as she sounded like she was gargling rocks. That is, when you could hear her.

    I was surprised to see Magni in the bottom three and was even more surprised to hear him do "Creep" for his elimination song. I thought it was risky considering Lukas killed it just one week ago, earning himself an encore performance with the very same song. It turned out alright but when comparing the two, I much prefered the Lukas version.

    I would say the competition has gotten serious now, but as long as Patrice remains, I can't. Mark my week she is gone.
  • Who's gonna run naked around the pool next week?! :huh:

    I miss Zayra already. :( The show just didn't seem the same without her. Two more original songs last night. "Beautiful Thing" by Patrice was not, and it reminded me of a bad song from a cheesy teen movie. Ryan gave an intense performance with his original "Back Of Your Car" and it wasn't hard to imagine Supernova playing it. I like that guy more each week.

    Once Patrice goes home tonight it really is going to get hard to call. One bad performance from this point on could spell the end. I would say that Dilana is the frontrunner at this point but I still like Lukas, Toby and Storm. Magni appeared nervous this week after a visit to the bottom three last week and again he had to mention "Creep"... somebody ought to tell him to let that go. Lukas owned that.

    Speaking of Lukas, he needs to quit singing to the drummer. That's twice he's been called on it. Three strikes and you are out. How huge would Lukas have been back in the 80's? Poor guy was born a couple decades late. But then again, Supernova is comprised of guys who were big then too.

    Final thought on last night's show... Tommy Lee tongue kissing that dog at the end?! I'll bet it's not the first time! :laugh:
  • Well, Chris your dream came true last night Patrice is finally gone!!!! As far as you missing Zayra, I'd kick you in the Butt, but I can't kick that far.

    I myself donot like Lucas, I can't stand him,sorry but I kind of hope he goes next week!! And WOW, Ryan finally coming out of his shell and actually putting on a performance. I didn't think Storm did that great this week hope she can pull things together. Dilana, well what can I say? Love her she is great!!! Well, we'll have to see what happens next week, I can't wait that long!!!!!!!!
  • Zayra, my love. :wub: How much we miss thee. Ignore what those haters say. You are a star! :laugh:

    Hate to say it, but Dilana looked like a royal :censored: on the elimination show. Even though it looked like it was somewhat scripted, or at least intentional based on the clips they showed, the producers and Navarro sure blindsided her. I've seen the webisode where they did the media interviews and Dilana was the only one who named names and blasted her fellow competitors. So, she deserved what she got. Personally, I think they did it to take her down a notch in the public eye. I think Supernova is still undecided at this point and perhaps Dilana was too much of a front runner?

    So, now that Patrice the pretender is gone (on a Pretender's song at that... how apropos) this thing should really get interesting. Even if Dilana or Lukas are in the bottom three next week, I'd bet money neither one of them goes home. There seems to be a pattern of letting whoever hits the bottom three for the first time get a free pass for one week. Magni already got his and Toby got one this past week. With Magni having been in the bottom three twice now, could he be the next to go?
  • How the mighty have fallen...

    Dilana was a train wreck this week, especially on elimination night. It looks to me like her spirit has been broken. That twinkle in her eye is gone and I think the others can smell it like sharks can smell blood in the water. :devilish: I wonder now if she will ever recover?

    This weeks performances were some of the best yet as fan selection night really delivered. I was very surprised that Magni avoided the bottom three at any point in the voting after this weeks show. Ryan finally went and although he's been constantly improving, you could tell Supernova didn't like his stage antics. The piano bit the first night was pretty cool but climbing up on the amplifier stacks had Gilby rolling his eyes if you looked closely. You could tell Ryan was bitter upon elimination and I thought he should have been just a little more gracious in his exit. After all, he's gotten huge exposure from the show and I'm sure his solo career will benefit directly.

    We finally saw Lukas fronting the band and I thought he did an excellent job. He seemed very natural up there, in my opinion. Is he the best singer? I wouldn't say that but he certainly is good enough to handle the gig. It's all about what direction Supernova want to take this thing.

    The race is tighter than ever now and I believe anyone could win at this point. Storm may be the least likely to do it but she's so HAWT I hope she stays a bit longer!
  • Awww. Poor Stormy. :wub: I hate to see you go. If nothing else, you consistantly brought it and was the hottest chick in the whole show. Even gave Brooke Burke a run for her money, in my opinion. I wouldn't be surprised to see her in Playboy.

    Original song week was pretty cool. I liked Toby's best and Storm's would have been better if she used the original word F___ instead of "What the what is lady-like." Of course, the censors would never allow that. They'd have to bleep out half the song. I felt some sympathy for Dilana, as she is now at a disadvantage performing. Her vocals were much better this week so maybe she's got her confidence back.

    Lukas also faced the bottom three for the fist time. Not bad considering it's been 11 weeks. I'd have to say with the hit Dilana's taken, that Toby and Lukas are frontrunners now. One more week and we'll know for sure. It's really too close to call right now.

    Will it be the Rossi Posse or will it be EVS? Maybe Magni-ficent? Or has Dilana redeemed herself? I can't wait to see the finale!
  • Well, it's official. Introducing..... Supernova! :clap: Congratulations Lukas!


    It wasn't a really big surprise that Supernova choose Lukas to front the band. Don't know if anyone noticed but during a promo for Survivor, they used his original song "Head Spin". No coincidence that Mark Burnett produces both shows so midway through the finale, you knew it would be Lukas. That's two Canadians in a row that won a Rock Star show. Must be something in the water our neighbors to the north are drinking. Who knew Canada was full of rockers? I mean, since giving us Celine Dion. <_< <br />
    I really thought Toby had a shot at it too. He's gotten better each week and had come on strong near the end. I like the fun energy he brought to the stage and he really got the crowd involved. I'm sure he'll be huge in Australia and introduced EVS to pop culture around the world. Magni was obviously the best actual musician and I'm sure he's the biggest thing in Iceland. And poor Dilana, she never quite recovered from that bad week with the press. Although she redeemed herself these final shows, I think it was just too much to overcome. Lukas was on top from the first week and never really relinquished. Only once did he hit the bottom three. No one else could make that claim.

    Thanks to Rock Star Supernova for a thoroughly entertaining season and to all the rockers who appeared on the show. We need more Rock & Roll on TV, as lately it seems like all we get is pop or rap. I think they made the right choice in Lukas and look forward to seeing what they do from here.

    Thanks to everyone who gave their opinions and contributing what they did to this thread. I wish more of you had watched the show this summer. If you didn't watch, you missed out on a great Rock & Roll experience. :punk:

    Looking forward to the next Rock Star!
  • It's a pity that you'll never see Supernova record, produce or even perform any material under there current name.

    See this Link for details