Breath of fire 4
  • :2devilish: i can not find all of the dragon spells, and i wolud like some help finding them if any one can help me thank you.
  • the wind dragon i take it you have found is in the sky at the top of the wind tower

    the mud dragon is where you payed a lady 100 z to play the dragon song by the edge of the water

    the rock dragon is in where ever a man told you he saw a strange rock

    the water dragon is in lyp first earn the saylors stone then go back to the map head eather up or right and talk to the sayler to let you in

    the nameless on is at a mountain exept for mt.yoggy okay

    that is all i can remember but i will tell you more later
  • the tree dragon is located at the high way take a right and then u will see him