Playstation twin stick
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    I'm desperately searching for the instructions!

    :idea: ....also I would like to hear your input on my idea of adding rumble motors and L3 and R3 buttons. I opened it up and as big as it is, it only has ONE microchip, a 28 pin model numbered:


    Here's a pic:
    Sony Analog (TWIN) Joystick

    I was thinking I could swap the chip from a dual shock,..........
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    1. your a new member & please read the rules about posting links to other sites that sell goods. Don't worry I've edit so it will only show the picture & not the whole page. (I'm feeling rather nice today)

    2. As for linking up to be a dual shock, don't try it as it has been attempted by myself & friends and we ruined a very good early analog PSX flight stick.

    These things are rare and from the site that the picture was on Fb@y ;) you will find that it only fully supported a handful of games before the dual (non-shock) joypad came out. e.g. Jumping Flash 1 & 2, Air Combat & Decent 1 & 2

    Due to the early technology of the item it can't succesfully be upgraded to a shock version or having the R3 & L3 switches without frying something as the chip is very sensitive to heat of the old soldering iron, even a proper pro-micro electronics iron

    As for the instructions, if you find one of the early games it has illustrations
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    Well, for anyone who may be interested,...........................

    Twin Stick
    (I hope I did this right, I don't want to get banned!)

    I've started on replacing the PCB of the Sony Playstation Twin Analog Joystick with the PCB of a Mad Catz Dual Shock controller. I'm going to use the Mad Catz Dual Analog Controller because the "steering" feature allows the left analog stick to act as the digital pad, and the right stick to act as X, triangle,circle, and square! I've mapped all the contact points within both controllers, and feel that once I can get up to Radio Shack and pick up a couple supplies my dream will be a reality!

    Why would I screw with perfection you ask? Well the simple reason is that the S.A.Joystick is sooo cool looking! But it only works with a handful of older games,......
    It also doesn't appear to work with any PS2 games, doesn't rumble, and is generally obsolete!

    So I kicked around with which controller to use, and discarded several "flashier" ones before settling on the Mad Catz Dual Shock as my best bet.
    1) Compatible with my Playstation
    2) Compatible with my Playstation 2
    3) Compatible with Dreamcast, Game Cube, and X box through the use of adapters.
    4) A minimum of features to cut/drill holes for integration into the housing.

    Opening the housing of the SA Joystick, my first realization was the absence of an R3 and L3 button, or rumble motor mounts. I know Radio Shack has suitable buttons, and I have a Dremel to make nice, neat holes. No problem there.
    The Rumble mounts will needed a creative solution and a little alteration. FIMO.

    The main buttons press directly onto the PCB, so I'll have to retain it and hack it by issolating the buttons circuit traces from the original PCB. At least until I can make a suitable replacement.

    But it works great! How do you make one???

    Well, I'll have a page on my lame ass website in a couple weeks to with a walkthrough and pics if anyone's interested.
    Here's a link:
    The Gamemasters Realm