Inventions And Innervations
  • I was sitting a lunch time with my work mate Kev dreaming up what we'll be doing after we are made redundant. We got onto inventions and money making ideas on E-bay from this one lad who has thought up & processed this great idea.

    "Long gone will be paper money off coupons for supermarkets and bring in the mobile phone. Confussed? Well how many people in the world have mobile phones? 9 out of 10 people! you take them everywhere, even the shower in some cases. Giants like ASDA are trying to find out what there consumer likes & wants from there "weekly shopping" or other purchases. You take your mobile phone in to the shop & sign up to a TXT messaging service. You will receive a bar-code text message that you show to the checkout person and they scan it into there till before you scan your products. That scan then goes to there computer & next time you visit the shop you do the same to build up a profile of what you buy & use the most. The third time you visit you a new texted bar-code then appears for you to use. This one is money off items that you mainly use saving you money & building up a consumer profile. Everytime you use there service it will cost your mobile a price of a text message, but you are guarenteed to get twice of price of the text back + discount"

    now this was thought of & now being processed by a kid just out of university & needed something to pay his bills. Lucky bugger & it's a good idea.

    Now onto my bits, first was the Plasterer's plaster mixer - not telling you that as I'm really looking into this one!


    Credit Cards!!

    You loose them, spent over the limit all the time and fraud!!!! Chip & Pin is OK but still can bypass it all. Get rid of the plastic & D.N.A. code the body at cash machines so that you & only you can have control of your credit. Think about it! discuss it here and any inventions or innervations that you think could, would & should work. They can be mental & others can give Pros & Cons over them.

    Lets get Thinking - So do you think that the D.N.A. Credit Card is an invasion of human rights or the way to control world debt?

    How do you control the "dead cells" from ampultated limbs for fraud?

    Would like to hear your thoughts
  • Tiff, DNA credit cards? Nope, the only way to check DNA is invasive ie needle or probe of some sort samples tissue, or you spit into a cup.

    who wants to be the second person to be "probed" by the ATM?? (nevermind being the first one!)
    or do you want to touch a machine that someone else has spat at? its bad enough having to look for another ATM on a Friday night as some pillock has puked on the first one, but every single machine you would go to would be soiled

    Maybe a better idea would be to actually implant a chip in your finger?
  • How about when you've been using your credit way too much and have to "cut the card". Careful with that axe Eugene. I remember having a discussion with a buddy who works for microsoft. He would like to do all of his shopping online. The thing is, when you are shopping, most people like to actually see what they're buying, poke and prod it etc. I think when you're buying online you already know exactly what you want and don't need to give it a shake.