Shade on TV screen when using PSX
  • Not sure if my PSX is starting to show signs of wear and tear. When I play games I get a slightly shaded/miscoulered area on the middle of the screen. This is more obvious when the screen is mainly white. I thought it was the TV but it only appears when playing the PSX. It's just like a stain in the middle of the screen.
    Any ideas???
  • well it could be the games or else I would have say its your lens or something inside. Is it only coming up for 1 game?
  • No. It comes up on all the games but is more noticable when there's not much detail on the screen. A typical example would be in Chrono Cross when looking at the inventory I can see a green shade in the middle of the screen.
  • oh man there is definently something wrong with your playstation. I suggest you go to the nearest
  • Thanks DL, I'll see how it goes. The stain look isn't that bad and probably most people wouldn't notice. The funny thing was I began to think Chrono Cross was supposed to look like that until I noticed it on all my other games. Just curious as to why this is happening. In all other areas the PSX is working really well.
  • your welcome if you need more help at anytime please dont hesitate to call.
  • I would also countinually clean ur playstations lens with alcohol swabs (also the discs should be cleaned). Just so it will continue running smoothly.