Gameshark troubles
  • Dont worry I've beaten all the games I own so I think I have a right to use it:) But anyway I use my gameshark on FF7 and it wont go past the part were your going to the reactor and you first find out BArrets name. what am I doing wrong??
  • I know for me, i needed to turn off some codes because they were not working and they locked up the game. After a while, it locked up but i made it through the game. I guess you just need to keep trying.
  • Certain codes will freeze up the game. I had the same problem with Metal Gear Solid. If I had the Missle Launcher code on it would freeze in the beginning of the game.
  • I tried the fast leveling up for Cloud.
  • I have something similar, you need to turn off the cheats which are for cloud having max HP/MP, level 99(optional but I advise it as if you don't he'll be at level 99 but with the stats of a level 10) and the Cloud max all stats cheat.
  • well if freezings ur problem i suggest u get a game shark pro cause some of the codes arent meant for the old gameshark!!
    hope this helped :)