• Congrats on your 23rd Norton. Hope you have a good day and hope you've got loadsa pressies and stuff.

    My 23rd on the 29th July, so not that far behind you :clap:

    Anyways, once again, Happy 23rd Birthday

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy 23rd Birthday dear Norton,
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Three cheers for the Birthdya member...

  • It's probably the 29th by now where you are so have a great day yourself Jay, and happy belated to Norton. From another July B day guy.
  • Happy birthday Jay.
    Hope you have a great one and that you don't have to hang around the library all day :D

    Best wishes, and songs and cheers.
  • Happy Birthday Jay !

    Hope you have a brilliant time.
  • Cheers.

    Don't think today's gonna be special though.
    Me mums gone off to Blackpool for my brothers fiances hen night (they're stopping over tonight) and my dad's working this afternoon, so just gonna be another boring day.

    My dad's treating me to a meal out though in about half an hour (if you can call Fish & Chips a meal out :wacko: )

    Anyway, thanks again everyone

  • Hey there Jay! Happy Birthday!

    You should probably have your own birthday thread but this will have to do! Glad to have you around and I hope your birthday is great!
  • Hope you had a great day

    Don't knock Fish and Chips - Its better than a kick in the teeth (not much better if you get them from The chippy near us but still...)

    Hope you had a fab day - and guilt your mum into taking you somewhere today. The rents went away to Paris over my birthday once - milked it for weeks!!
  • Thanks for all the kind messages.
    In regards to guilting my mum, they ARE getting me a new moby because my current Nokia 7250i just isn't working properly. Nothing comes up on screen AT ALL :crybaby: