My Newest Gripe.

  • I just got burned and am somewhat ticked off about it. Let's start with the fact that I buy all my games new and when not in use they are stored in D-skins and a case so they are always in pristine condition.

    I bought Midnight Club 3 for $40 a while back and love the game, recently the re-released it for $20 with a new city and 25 more cars. Obviously I had to have the new version so I went to a local store where I'm a member and where I bought the original. I was only given $7 credit for the original and had to fork over $13 more for the new game. That boils down to $53 spent to have the $20 game and not having the original anymore. Am I the only one who thinks this stinks ?

    I also have Gran Turismo 4 which I paid $50 for and now they are planning a re-release which is on-line. Wonder how much they'll soak me for on that.

    Why don't the companies or game producers cut a little more slack for the consumers who obviosly have already purchased their product ? I understand that with the PS3 there will be downloads to fix this problem, but what about right now ?

    Anyway, that's my gripe of the day.
  • I hate to pour salt in the wound, but you gave up an original copy for $7. :huh: That surprises me considering what a collector you are, especially when it comes to gaming related items. Does this mean the original is now less valuable than the re-release?

    Get $7 and go back down there and get your original back. You'll feel better about it. Then you will have paid $20 for a new city and 25 cars rather than $53 for a re-release. :g:

  • This thing you are experiencing Jdm is actually a very well balanced sales strategic that is commonly used. A new product is never guaranteed to sell well. Therefor you can up it's value by releasing it with a high price, making it somewhat exclusive. If you feel you have the luxury of spending a couple of extra bucks just to have the latest game, cellphone or electronc device of choice then you buy it and help the company providing the goods reaching break even quicker. Once they do, prices are dumped as to make as much money as possible from the product. This provided that it is the design costs, not the hardware cost, that is the larger post in the budget.

    There is a strategy to get around this which I myself employ. It is called "Buy only games that are at lest 2 years old". Although it comes with the side effect that you always feel that you are a technological neanderthal plus you can't afford to get tempted to buy a fresh game by reading news or talking to other gamers about the latest releases. :D
  • QUOTE(manneman @ Jul 19 2006, 08:00 AM) [snapback]67042[/snapback]

    technological neanderthal :D

    Ugg, Dan want game...only have small money...

    You sir hit the proverbial nail on the head. :crybaby:

  • That happened to me last year sometime.
    I'd pre-ordered that Crash Bandicoot games, the one where you teamed up with his arch-nemesis Neo Cortex. Anyway, I played it for a while, maybe two to three weeks, then got bored, so I traded it in with some other games. Now bare in mind that I bought it BRAND New for like
  • I feel your pain. Only getting back 1/3 (or less) of the value totally bites. There was a time when I would buy something new because I had to have it. Now I have to support a family so make my purchases much more carefully. Manne's plan is a good one, and me being a self proclaimed techno-neanderthal, I fit right in there. I buy most of my stuff used now, but because the return is so bad I just keep all the old stuff, unless it turns out to be really horrible.
  • Like I said, I just CANNOT do that.
    Some stuff I MAY buy when they've been out a while. About a couple of months ago I got ALL the Zoo Tycoon games AND the Zoo Tycoon 2 games (that were out at the time), so some stuff I DO get quite a bit AFTER they've come out.
    Most stuff I get brand new though, like er Civilization 4 expansion pack, Warlords (think it is), that's out this Friday. Think it's for Civ4 anyway, either way getting it this week when it's out.

    Just gotta have my new games. I couldn't stand waiting months and months for my Final Fantasy games. I'd go INSANE, gotta have them BRAND NEW!!!!!

    Speaking of brand new, got my PS3 paid off now (as of Friday) so just gotta wait until Nov and I have the best console on the market. The PS3 will RULE!!!!! :devilish: :clap: :punk:

  • At least now with the internet you can get a good idea of whether a game is a real stinker or not via reviews. When we first bought our PS 2 we went and rented Crash Bandicoot to test run the system, being big fans of the prior 3. Found the horrendous load time to be more than dismaying. Breathed a huge sigh of relief when finding out that very few of the games were like that. What the heck were they thinking?