Whats Your Favourite Tv Show?
  • Seeing as most of us dont spend ALL our time on games (even tho we would if we could!!)

    What do you like to watch on TV? - My favs include

    Buffy The vampire Slayer
    Family Guy
    The Simpsons
    My name is Earl (cant wait for this on DVD)
    Top Gear ( All because the lady loves ........... RICHARD HAMMOND!!!!!!!)
    Holby City (dodgy Hospital drama - my secret passion :D)
    Diagnosis Murder
    The News (im extremely nosy so like to know whats going on)
    Pheonix nights

    Thats just some for starters - What are yours?
  • When I can get the TV remote out of oddish hands I like to browse the shopping channels on Sky :D

    Family Guy
    American Dad
    Top Gear (not for richard hammond but for "THE STIG!!"
    2 pints of lager & a packet of crisps (even though we have them on DVD)
    Nip Tuck
    and the Horror channel late at night for cheesy B movies
  • Lets see....

    The Ultimate Fighter
    Rescue Me
    Greys Anatomy
    The Deadliest Catch
    Hogan Knows Best
  • Tiff, the only reason you like nip tuck is because i made you sit through the first two series back to back on new years day!!

    Am still waiting for you to get my Season 3!!
  • My all time favorite TV show is Survivor but out of shows currently on the air...

    Deadwood (If you are not watching this, you should be. Best thing on TV right now, period.)
    Hell's Kitchen (Chef Ramsay is hilarious)
    Rock Star Supernova :punk:
    Treasure Hunters (Reality twist on National Treasure movie... better than the movie was)
    Fresh Meat (RW/RR on MTV)
    Big Brother All Stars (Cheesy reality TV at it's finest)
    South Park (Nuff said)
  • well i dont know if you know of the show or not...but house.

    its about a doctor thats a hilarious jerk ^^
  • Don't watch much regular TV. We all watch Survivor when it's on. The kids and I really like Mythbusters and I take in Jon Stewart's Daily Show and the Colbert Report when I can. Will watch any of Groenings stuff, Family Guy or South Park if I catch it. Mostly too busy to watch anything regularly. When 6 Feet Under first aired here I would always sit through the opening because I enjoyed the music so much.

    Ms. Marshmallows, did you ever view any of the Black Adder series? Hugh Laurie played the prince regent in series 3 and man is that ever a different character than House.
  • Hubby and I are NOT fans of "regular network" televisioin, so we don't watch any of the shows mentioned above... except for one. We have DirectTV, so we record it and then watch it the next night so we can fast-forward through the commercials. What show is it, you ask? MYTHBUSTERS!!!!!!!!!! Adam and Jamie are soooooooo funny, they're the coolest nerds I've ever seen!!!!!! The only other show we watch, and do the same thing, record and watch the next night, is Whose Line Is It Anyway. Man, that show is so darned funny, Colin is my favourite, he's such a total nutcase!!! :laugh:
    "We'll be right back to 'misplaced emphasis theaters' production of, What? Women Want?! in just a moment". heeheeheehahahahahahhaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! He's a CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I looove Dr House, he also in 102 dalmation as the bad guy.. :harhar: .
  • I think that my favorite show would have to be this little list I've compiled here. It's mainly old school stuff that I remember watching as a child that is reruns now:Boy Meets World (an oldie, but my first favorite show. Helped me know pretty much what to expect from High School and Junior High)
    House M.D. (I do get a kick out of Hugh Jackman, I can't wait for the third season!!)
    Mouse Tracks (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto and Goofy cartoons. You can't beat those!)
    Breed All About It (one of those educational shows I watched on Animal Planet. Pretty much outlines a dog breeds characteristics in a half hour span)
    One Tree Hill (James Lafferty is a hottie!! :D )
    Cowboy Bebop (My very first anime. Call me sentimental)
    Sailor Moon (A silly show that I actually looked up to when I was a little tyke because it was the first show where I had seen GIRLS being the heroes)
    X-Men (My only favorite Marvel comicbook show. I only watch the old cartoons...not the new ones...yuck)
    Meerkat Manor (I think this is just funny because it's full of drama and it's pretty much just a show with a bunch of meerkats running around)
    MythBusters (Can't leave this show off simply because they attempt to recreate myths in ways I never thought up)

    So there you have it!! ^_^
  • Ah I can forget about Rockstar Supernova as now have all 24 episodes of season 5 of 24!

    beep, bup, beep, bup, beep, bup, beep, bup!
  • 24: Season 5? Lucky!!!!! :angry: 24 rules!!!!!
    Just watched feature length episode of third series of The 4400 last night. That programme is brilliant.
    Also, Lost is getting REALLY good now.
    Er, what else do I like? Oh watching the new programme, er, oh right, called A Town Called Eureka, I think; well something like that. Quite good so far, only second episode yesterday though so still some way to go before I can judge it properly. All the signs are good thus far, though.
    Still wating for the NEW series of Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis to start though. Wish Sky would hurry up and get it back because Stargate is brilliant.
    I watched that Threshold when it was on. Really good series that. Hope Sky get the second series soon aswell.

    Er, as you can probably tell, I like my Sci-Fi. I admit to watching ALL the different Star Treks as well. I personally think Voyager was the best, followed by Enterprise, Next Gen and then DS9. Not that keen on the original though :huh:

    Er, think that's it now...

  • Dr Who

    What i have seen of HOUSE has been pretty good - I love crime drama things too - the BBC one Waking the dead is fantastic - Trevor Eve is sooooo mmmmmm

    SPACED!!!! Simon Pegg is a sexy beastie god and funny as a funny thing!!!!

    Think im gonna go watch me some................. :punk:
  • I would like to make a correction to my post since I can't edit it. :(

    I like Hugh Jackman, but Hugh Laurie (spelling) is who I was meaning.
    Yes, I do know they are two entirely different actors from different countries, I just mixed them up.

    Whoops :blink:
  • QUOTE(RedKenny @ Aug 16 2006, 11:46 PM) [snapback]67951[/snapback]
    I like Hugh Jackman, but Hugh Laurie (spelling) is who I was meaning.
    Yes, I do know they are two entirely different actors from different countries, I just mixed them up.

    Whoops :blink:

    Are you SURE you know which is which? How could you mix them up? Shame on you. Now go sit in the corner with your *Dunce* hat on and think about your mistake, lol. :D
    Ah, it's an easy mistake to make. Afterall, they DO have the same first name AND they DO speak a similar language, ish :g:
    I think we can let you off.....THIS time

  • I don't watch much TV myself. The weird thing is when I'm in front of the TV, I feel like I need to be doing something more interactive I guess. My favorite programs at the moment however are
    • Futurama
    • Every body hates Chris
    • South Park
  • "OMG they killed Kenny...You B******s!!!!!" Classic :D

  • OMG south park - I havent seen that for aaaaaaaagggesss!!!!

    Did anyone see the episode that Metallica were supposed to be in?