Penn & Teller
  • Just wondering if anyone here watches Penn & Teller : Bulls hit?

    I have been watching it on Shoutcast TV online using Winamp, and I think this show is really awesome. For those that dont know what it is, its basically a mix between Mythbusters and the Documentary Super Size Me.
    They basically explore heaps of world issues and expose what is real and what is bull. I wish we could get this show in Australia I think it would definitely be popular.

    Share your views?
  • Yea I watch "Bulls hit" . I saw the episode on environmentalists which was really good but, the one on bottled water was somewhat good and the one on feng shui were downright boring. That's as long as the series have run here.

    I'd like to add to your description tehe Lethal. The show is more like a Jackass meets Michael Moore.
    Unlike you Lethal, I'm not under the impression that they expose what is real and what is bull.
    It isn't like they present any hard facts in the show, they pretty much just do statements and claim them to be "the truth". It is however good for all people to question their beliefs from time to time so I keep watching just to see if the can thread on my toes or not.

    I am also fascinated by the "technique" the show use to find out "the truth". They basically ask 3-4 idiots of what they think and if they answer coherently Penn goes "Well, waddya know, seems like we were right".
    Wounder how many people you have to interview to get 3 of them to say exactly what you want them to say. :g:

    In fact the show uses so many of theese magician trick of misguidance that it should be obvious to anyone, even without having two magicians as hosts, just how much of this show is science or truth or anything other than a way to endorse teenagers in their never ending quest to proove to their parents that they are stiff idiots who has bought into every corporate-mainstream myth there is. Whish of course is true but the same goes for the kids...

  • Lol, actually manne I found the one on feng shui actually pretty entertaining how they each claimed it was a "science" but then came up with completely different results.

    Very interesting stuff, althought I agree with what you are saying manne, yeah it is pretty propagandaish (not a word) itself.

    I think its a great comedy, and rasies interesting points to say the least.
  • I watch that show! Great fun if you like sarcasm and "holier than thou" opinionists, on both sides of the issue. Penn and Teller are often guilty of doing what they so skillfully expose the other side of doing, spouting :pooh:. Anyone can manipulate facts to support their point of view. "Even the :devilish: can quote scripture to suit his own purpose!" And it is their show so they always make the other side look so ridiculous that you naturally lean towards their views.

    That being said, it is still a great show. The way they debunk the issues is what makes the show great. They don't take themselves as seriously as the people they interview and they always manage to find the biggest crackpots for the show. I can't wait to see what idiot they bring on next. It makes you wonder why some of these people ever agree to do the show. They obviously have never watched it.

    One of the funniest shows I remember was when they tricked people into thinking it was a gourmet restaurant when they were actually serving cheap, everyday food made by some cigarette smoking greaseball in the back of the kitchen. Every patron there fell for it.

    One thing I give them credit for is they don't pull their punches. Nothing is sacred, no subject taboo. And the way they present the issues are usually comedy gold.
  • The feng shui show was actually just too much for me. I switched to some other chanel. I mean, what 5 day course in feng shui did those idiots featured on the show go to?
    Mind you I have read a couple of books on feng shui to help a friend with cancer redecorate his apartment (he died by the way, so go figure...)
    But I can't remember any of them stressing the -ism as a science. I believe there is some truth in it though. Some sort of knowledge base or something. Like you will sleep bad in a messy room or the way that your bed is facing will influence your sleep (both me and my woman get better rest when lyin in a slightly angled position).

    Being sligtly pragmatic I watch the show in a kind of educational way. Just to learn techniques to throw people I discuss things with off guard. ;)

    While on the subject of TV shows that make you think to some extent, did anyone watch "Saffron vs. God"?
    That last episode with the exorsist was kinda creepy if you ask me.