Dusting Off The Old Systems
  • Ive been dusting off my older systems recently and plugged in the ole sega saturn had to reset the date the start date was dec 4 2994 a bit off lol. I threw in one of my most favorite games for it Dragon Force. ooo that brought me back I recomend this game to anyone! Have any of you played it or heasrd of it what do you think :)
  • Never did buy a Saturn though did give it serious consideration. Remember the ads they had with actors being dressed up as the rods and cones of the human eye, going wild from the new games. I still have my old Genesis deck and plenty of games to go with.
  • Holy... its DL... I didnt even click! Hey Daggers, welcome back, going to be around much?

    I pulled out the old PS the other day to play some Point Blank 2 with my light gun since I was horribly bored! Thats about it though, almost had my Sega Master System working a few months ago but sadly I think its will is gone.
  • Can't say I have heard of it Daggs. On the subject of dusting off old systems, I play my Dreamcast off and on. Play a lil Unreal Tour. and alot of Fire Pro Wrestling.
  • o im always around i just dont post much LOL im the silent im the silent godlike figure watching over the forum :)
  • "Godlike", dagger? *looks at his usergroup tag* ;)

    Anyhoo, i've been doing a bit of retro gaming (as i noted in the thread i made before
    asking about this sort of thing) mainly on the SNES and TurboGrafx-16 systems.haven't been doing much with them lately, though, been checking out the varius online poker sites (just the freebies for now).

  • QUOTE(lyndon @ Aug 1 2006, 03:24 PM) [snapback]67534[/snapback]
    been checking out the varius online poker sites (just the freebies for now).[/b]

    Be careful, that's how they suck you in! I have a friend who started playing online for free. Once he started playing for real, he lost over $3000 last year alone! :blink: Of course, he never played that badly in our home game!
  • No worries here- i have no intentions of giving any of them my credit card number. I think the one I'm going to stick with is done by one of the sports channels here, The Score- all tournament pay ins are done using the play chips. No cash involved whatsoever ( and i actually won a tourney last night on there! :laugh: ).