Blue Disc Kof2002 On Slim Ps2 Scratched!
  • Hey all, i recently bought this game (King of Fighters 2002) (it was cheap lol), and i put it in my slim PS2 and it was extremely loud, making all these scraping noises, so i took the game out and there were about 12 or so small but deep scratches on the disc (blue back side), should i be worried if it was scratching the lens?, if not i dont really care lol. Though has this happended to anyone here? Btw other blue disc ps2 games that i have dont do this at all, just this game.
  • Hey fatal,

    It is most likely that it didnt scratch the lens as the lens sits below the disk enough for them not to collide. Its never happend to me, I wonder if the blue discs are of a lower quality? Its possible, Im not sure. What does everyone else think?

    Lol, by the way, I like the name "fatal", "lethal" we sound like some kind of power duo, haha.
  • Power Duo B) lol, thanks for the reply Lethal, i dont think it did either, im not too fussed about it really, the ps2 runs super fine :) , i have read though that the blue discs (as they are CD-roms) require the ps2 to run at a faster disc speed, and i think that as the motor in the ps2 runs faster (that could be the loud noises), and because those disc are extremely light, due to the speed it could potentially move out of place alittle, causing it to hit the surface and scratch, well anyway, thats what im thinking....
  • Woah, that sounds pretty serious Fatal... Im guessing if the disc was running faster it could cause all kinds of worries, like the fan not being adequate cooling for the entire system. Definitely a massive design flaw there, doesnt seem to promising! Good luck with your gaming fatal.

    Hopefully youll stick around the forums, there are plenty of decent members around but its the quiet season right now so thats why its not so active.

    Catch you around. :punk:
  • The CD-ROM (Blue) disk spins 12 times faster than the DVD-ROM (Silver) disk and the PS2 sounds like its breaking stones when the comparing the 24x speed cd-rom drive spinning to the 2x dvd-rom spinning.

    Did you by chance check the disk prior to putting it in for the first time? Lots of games shops here get you to verify that the disk is scratch free prior to purchase (not possible if you buy online tho!) so that there is no comeback if the disk gets f :censored: d up. Try spinning it up in a friends PS2 to see if all is ok other wise you might have a cdrom issue with your machine
  • I have a few blue disk games. I have never had a problem using them on the ps2 or the ps2 slimline. I doubt the machine scratched the disk. I do not know if a scratched disk will hurt the ps2.
    I would be cautious using a scratched disk, I do know they will sound differently and somethimes will glitch during game play.