Music Library

  • I don't know about the legality, the interest or the possibility of this, but I had an idea.

    How about an application where members can upload music into a library which people can listen to while searching the site, playing in the arcade, or chatting.

    There would be no downloading so it's not really file sharing. It would also give some insight into the eclectic, obscure, or mainstream tastes of the people we meet or know here.

    We had some background music during our World War battles, so it would be somewhat like that but you could choose what you want to hear that say Jim or Oddish or Lyndon decided to introduce us to. It would of course have to follow the subject matter parameters of the site.

    Anyway, I thought it would be a neat little addition, let me know what you folks think. :punk:
  • Hahaha I like the idea jdm. My only problem would be this.

    I doubt a lot of you would appreciate my pop/latin/country music library. :laugh:
  • I think its a great idea!!! I love finding about new bands and stuff!!
  • It is possible. I have been to a forum that had an option like it. I think it would be a great idea.
  • An interesting idea. It would be a great way to get folks to hang around and add a lil ACI "ambiance" to the place.
  • Has anyone spoken to Jim about it then? I also think this is a great idea.

    BRING IT ON!!!!! :clap: :punk: