Everything Legacy of Kain that you want to know
  • If it's Legacy of Kain ask me about it anything from blood omen or soul Reaver. I can also give you the release date for Soul Reaver 2 and the tentative release date for
    Blood Omen 2
  • In Soul Reaver, in THE SKELETON HEAD, how do you get or where do you get the last box to complete the puzzle....
    You know the room with the big statue where you have to finish the designs on the walls with the blocks....

    I have already passed the game 3 times (because I love it and think that it is every bit as good as Metal Gear Solid, or better,)
  • DAPPY1, go into the room behind the statue and look up at the back wall in first-person mode.
  • Don't worry I've answered these questions before in a chat room. It's not uncommon due to the fact there are not many copies of blood omen on the market since Eidos and one of the other companies had a problem withh the other and pulled out thus ending Blood omens production.(I don't know whether it was silicon knights or activision) I got lucky and found one which amazed me due to its rarity and limited quantity.
    To answer your questions in no particular order, yes soul reaver is a sequal it takes place at least a millenium (the time frame isn't really clear.) after blood omen.
    If I include blood omen 2 and soul reaver 2 the chronology is as follows, Blood Omen, Blood Omen 2, Soul Reaver, and Soul Reaver 2.
    The Sacrifice that Ariel refers to determined the ending of Blood Omen. At the end of the game the player has to choose between two possible outcomes, have Kain sacrifice himself to restore the balance of Nosgoth(fake ending), or to live and plunge Nosgoth into turmoil(true ending). A better way to put it is to use Kain's quote from the game "I am the last pillar. The only survivor of the circle of nine. At my whim the world will be healed or damned. At my whim. "
    Yes Kain is very much alive, again to use an in game quote" You nearly had me, Raziel. But this is not where or how it ends. Fate promises more twists before this drama unfolds completely. " The portal that Kain steps through and Raziel follows
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  • Yeah they're good you can also try Link Deleted It's a good site that give the history from both games and some updates on Soul Reaver 2 not many but a few.


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  • hi does anyone know about tulo the 5 boss before kain i did cause the producers of legacy of kian soul reaver and know time to add him to the game and if anyone has a cheat to activate all the warpgatse in legacy of kain soul reaver cna the email at [email]j13caleb@hotmail.com[/email] ok bye and my name is caleb jeffrey so bye. B)
  • hi do you know how to get past the sanctuary of the clans please i really need help can you email it to [email]j13caleb@hotmail.com.au[/email] please i really need help bye