Games not loading properly
  • I have started noticing quite a few games are not loading properly on my PSX or taking a very long time to load. Such games include FF8, Vagrant Story(ahhhhh) and now Grand Turismo. I can play the games to a certain extent but when each of these games blacks out to take you into another section of area of the game, they don't fade back into the game again. The screen just remains black. Occasionally after sometime they finally decide to load up but this is becoming a rarer occurance. Please note, NONE of these games are either pirated or scratched. What confuses me is why does it happen to some games and other run fine ???

    I'm looking for advice in hopefully fixing this problem myself as I can't afford any costly repairs or a PS2. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  • Sorry to hear about your problem, my Playstation was doing this very same thing towards the end of its useful life to me. Some games would do just fine like Metal Gear Solid and Syphon Filter, but other games like Gran Turismo and Medal of Honor would almost get me so frustrated that I wanted to throw the !@#$%^& console out the window. But sometimes if I opened the disc cover or tapped the console it would continue loading. Now mind you this only worked sometimes. This went on for maybe 6 months and then I gave up and almost stopped playing entirely. The only reason I know now that it wasn't the discs was that now in my Playstation 2 games that wouldn't work at all before are giving me absolutely no problems now.

    Hope I helped.
  • Quote (Digger @ Mar. 17 2002,17:42)
    I'm looking for advice in hopefully fixing this problem myself as I can't afford any costly repairs or a PS2. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  • Thanks Lu,
    for the advice. Just noticed something weird. You responded in great detail to this thread a week or so ago and now your post and a number of others have gone missing or been deleted from this thread somehow
  • [b]That was due to a bit of a screwup which occured during the last upgrade of forum software-we wound up having to go to a backup made several days before that time.Chances are that post was lost with the rest during that timeframe.Sorry Digger!
  • how old is your playstation? it could just be the age of your console. that or the game could be badly scratched or worn.
  • I have a feeling that some of the problems associated with games not loading/working properly may be due to older PSX's having trouble reading scratched discs. I base this on 5 games I have that were scratched a few years ago but worked fine but now these games are close to unplayable. 4 out of the five discs now work quite well after using a CD scratch repairer.

    Maybe, as the PS1/PSX get a little older, the laser has more trouble reading the discs and scratched CD's causes further reading probs for the laser. :idea:
  • I've had the same probs. and as Lu stated tipping it on it's side, upside down, at an angle, sometimes help it to read the disc a little better my Vagrant Story and my scratched up copy of Tekken 3 are about the only ones to really give me any problems......the upside down and 45 degree angle works the best for me
  • I haven't found that works for me. Although I mentioned fixing the scratches has helped a great deal, I have found the games I have "fixed" are freezing in other areas. :cry:

    Disc2 of FF8 freezes up when I use the GF Carbuncle as the FMV starts up. All the other FMV's work fine (so far). The first disc however worked fine. Not sure if I will need to buy another copy as I'm determined to finish this game :cry: After 3 attempts of rubbing out the scratches on disc 2, the PSX now occasionally doesn't reconise there is a disk inserted and the memory card/cd screen menu comes up.

    After "fixing" Gran Turismo 2, I can now race on a number of tracks that used to freeze up but now the game has slowed down when switching between menus.

    Any one else had any good/bad experiences with the disk repair kits ???
  • Digger, too bad you live so far from my home in Florida, I'd just give you my old PS which has only collected dust since my PS2 purchase. Shipping it to Australia would be nearly equivalent to a new PS purchase though.

    I had some slowdown problems with a very scratched RE2
    which was purchased used (never again). Instead of giving me a refund, the clerk tried one of those disk repair kits instead. To make a long story short, I did not complete RE2 in enough time to acquire the 'A' rating....those disk repair kits are worthless IMO.
  • Quote
    those disk repair kits are worthless IMO.[/b][/quote] I have strong doubts myself. Last night I was playing GT2 and the game has locked up again on a different race track (Rome short course). I placed my brother in law's GT2 in the PSX and voila, the game "thawed" out and the Rome short course became available.

    Had a few suggestions regarding scratched discs, one suggestion was to rent the game and swap my scratched copy with the video stores rental. :grin1: Although I don't intend going down that road, full marks for ingenuity.

    I guess the success of repairing scratched discs depends on how deep the scratches are. Can't do a great deal when the actual "tracks" are damaged.
  • I've had fairly good luck with resurfacers or repair kits, especially on music cd's games are a little more complex and don't always seem to work, So far my FF Tactics which was unplayable until resurfaced has been the only one I've tried, and it works now...just loads slower than it should.

    I've been told you can resurface cd's up to 15 times can anyone verify this?
  • dzdandcunfsd,
    the type of repair kit I'm using is the kind that softens the surface of the CD in an attempt to smooth out the scratches, you then rub a solution over the CD to harden the CD surface. I might try the type your'e talking about that more or less fills the scratches in.

    I believe there are pro's and cons with both methods. The first type I'm using may run the risk of damaging the CD tracks if too much presure is applied. The second type that adds a coating to the cd may run the risk of flaking off (depending on the brand).

    I've had six attempts of fixing FF8 disc, but to no avail. I guess the amount of times a CD can be re-surfaced would be dependant on how much of the liquid is applied.