• Hi guys! I'm back. Probably you don't remember me anymore..... well thats ok (sniff! sniff!)

    Anyway, I just bought Parasite Eve 2. I asked the salesman if I could test it, then he kindly said "no problem". So we checked it out and it worked properly.

    When I said "ok! its cool (cause I saw Aya in the shower) I'll buy it", he opened the lid up first before he turned the power off.

    Is that okay or what? will it damage my game?
  • I........ what?

    cmon dude! spit it out
  • Since this is only the game that you're worried about at this time then i will say that no it will not mess up the game. Like Spike said, the lens can get out of focus by not turning the system off but after the disk stops spinning(by itself) then the laser isn't on anymore anyway so you don't have to worry about it. In the long run your system will be fine as long as you either turn the system off when you open it or you wait for the disk to stop spinning before you take the disk out. Spike, everyone has problems with different things, if everyone who knew the answers acted the way you did to Squall about everything then this wouldn't be called a help forum as Gid mentioned. In the future, please be a little gentler with your fellow members because one day you may need their help and you don't want to get that type of response back. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
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    I feel sorry for you man, you got more posts than me, but you know jack-sh*t![/b][/quote]
    Seems to me YOU are the one showing your ineptitude at the moment Spike666.

    Unlike the other forums here at API, the HELP CENTERS are where gamers come for constructive help and answers to thier questions.

    There are many gamers here with many levels of experience, but to reply so rudely to a member for not knowing what you do is completely out of line here in the HELP CENTERS.

    Your extremely pathetic worthless idiotic reply of: "I feel sorry for you man, you got more posts than me, but you know jack-sh*t!"; is in fact a pretty good indicator of just how high esteem you hold yourself in, yet how stupid you must consider others who aren't of your obvious intellectual standing.