Separated At Birth
  • Separated @ Birth!

    Im sure your all familiar with the "Separated at Birth" idea, but for those who arent...

    There are some people, that even though they might not be related look exactly like each other! This is the idea behind separated at birth, find a picture of each of them and expose them to the world as twins separated at birth!

    I started this thread because I was looking around myspace profiles and found a picture of our very own manneman! Sorry manne, but your getting the limelight for this one, so here we go...

    Separated @ Birth




    Eminem Slim Shady


    Post your own!
  • I'd be pretty shocked to see manneman on the platinum charts with rap. Personally I can't find anyone on myspace whom looks to have a twin of some sort. I've been told I look like Ann Hathaway though... :blink:

  • It's OK Lethal, you can have your little shrine of me. :D
    Although, in that pic I think I look more like Cyril Abidi (K-1 fighter) than MnM.