Music Track Jumpy
  • I borrowed Spyro 1 from a freind .
  • The disc probably has some scratches on it from shoddy handling.Hold the disc at an angle so that you get some light reflecting off to check.
  • Thanks Lyndon, I'll do that.
    It was just that it seemed the jumpy music parts are in areas of difficult play.
    Doen't seem like a laser disk can ware out from too much playing or does it?
    It's not like there's a diamond head needle screeming through those grooves...(What's a phonograph, Dad?)
  • I don't think that the disk can 'ware out' from playing it too much. I've got ridge racer and wipeout, wich were bought the day the psx was released over 5 years ago.
    I must have played these for 1000's of gaming hours over the years and still play and look A1.
    I would think that the CD drive unit might be starting to fade, they do ware out. like all things that are runned by a motor & electricty they will age and die (just like a motor car). Over the 5 years I've had and still got 3 Playstations and have renewed the CD Drive Unit on 2 of the at least twice.

    Also I think I've still got those 12" black circular things with grooves on both sides and a hole in the middle. I think they were called L.P.'s or records. but they don't want to fit in my CD player.
  • Funny that, I wondered what those black round things were for.
  • TIFF. U R a fist full of info. We bought our playstation used.
  • ShutupImplaying, if you live in the UK, tiff has a handy list of places that computer fairs go to.
  • I'd love to hop a SST, Sam and see the UK.
    Im in Nevada.USA.
    Fancy that.
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