• I have a quick question for whomever. I see that many places now offer to fix the scratches on gaming CD's. Would this also "cure" a disc so badly scratched that it won't even load?
    (My neighboors CD not mine, thank God! Apparently his daughter decided to take it outside and play with it)
  • Generally this means that they can fix whatever scratch is on the game but it really depends on how good the person working on it is. It may actually cost more to go that route though than it would to by a disk doctor at a local electronics store for about $20 Usd. I would recommend the latter because i have it and can say that it does work. I scratched up a cd that i didn't listen to anymore and used the doctor on it and well it worked like new after it but it's really upto the user. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup: