Happy Birthday
  • Well a BIG happy b'day to Staff member Steve.

    Hope you have a GREAT birthday (won't mention your age as you're getting a little old now by the looks of it :tongue: )

    Also a BIG happy b'day to mikeyw8187 who I believe is 19 today. Congrats...

  • Happy B-day guys.

    I miss Mikey, I used to see him on aim all the time, but I haven't talked to him in a while. I don't think I have his sn on my newest aim account. Maybe I'll try to go onto one of my older accounts and get him to come back.
  • Does he even use his AIM any more? I think i have it here on mine but never see it online.
  • I gotta say, I haven't seen mikey on AIM for awhile either. I have him on my aim list and I think I talked with him shortly after APi left. Not much more after that though.

    I wish that he was back though. He was one of my first friends here.
    (apart from Daggers Lover, but he doesn't count. :harhar: )

    Ah, Steve...man. I miss that guy, especially during the avatar awards. :D He was a hilarious mudslinger.