Happy Birthday

    To the provider of cookies, the momma of all geezers, the sweetest technotard of the bunch and one of the nicest people you are ever gonna meet here at ACi, we want to wish you a Happy Birthday! :clap:

    We hope you take a break from all the work around the house and enjoy your birthday!

    I know ladies don't tell, but are you really 99 today? :laugh:


    Certainly doesn't matter what age you are. All that matters is that you get to eat cookies and cake that you didn't make yourself for once!! ;) You can get a chance to kick up your shoes and kick back.

    Hope you have a really great day!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :hug:
  • Happy Birthday Speedie!! Hope you have had a great day and havent been working too hard on the house
  • Susan B STAFF(42), Speediebean(99) :g:

    I wonder which one it could be?

    you can't be having another 21st birthday again

    Happy Birthday MOM!! :w00t2:
  • Happy birthday cookie making mommy of us (tho being Tiffs mom must have been in a past life...!!)

    and just cause its your birthday, i have posted you a pavalova :rolleyes:

  • :clap:
    Happy Birthday you poor old, old woman.
  • Well good golly miss molly, Suze, here is hoping your birthday is jolly.

    ....corny? yes, heartfelt, you betcha!!! :D
  • Happy B-day, Susan!
  • It's your birthday....I'll just have to give you a pinch to grow an inch :).

    Happy B-day.

    Thanks for being a good friend :D
    Have a great day! We miss you here at ACi!

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hug:

    Let's see, NO housework was done on My Day, I *did* make my cake, but that's ok, 'cause I prefer homemade to store-bought, and Steve ... well, let's just say, it's safer that he stay OUT of the kitchen!! :blink: heeheeheeeeee I had a FAN-SMABULOUS day, was a total veg-head, played FFX2 all .. and I mean ALL day long!! =D That is, when I wasn't talking to family on the phone and laughing 'til my face hurt and my head ached!! It was grrrrrrrrreat!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and, I'm somewhere between 42 and 99 years old, but I'll never tell just where!! :devilish:

    (Lethal, when it comes to being your friend, the pleasure is all mine!! <<HUG>>)