Need help and your advice
  • I need help, the thing is that I gave FF9 cd to my friend then he gives it me back with 4 deep scratches. When I Start a new game firs FMV doesn't even loads!!!So what should I do??? :mad:
  • send it to a nearby disk cleaner then if its unfixible charge him for a new game!!!! (thast why I dont lend out games ;)
  • Actually I would suggest telling your "friend" to buy you a new FF9 first-he should have known better in the first place.That should teach him to be a bit more careful next time-nothing like a dent in the pocketbook to make you think twice.

    If he won't do that then see about getting the disk resurfaced-considering the low cost of this he may go for paying on that instead.If it turns out the game can't be fixed then he won't really have a choice in the matter.
  • I hate when I borrow scratch cd's. Some won't play. Teaches me a lesson of buying them my self and some times to dta ( don't trust anybody)!! Any way I hope you can figure some thing out there PARASITE!!!!
  • hEY HE BOUGHT A NEW FF9 TO HIMSELF AND THEN I asked him to give me 1st CD.