Are Mod chips a good thing?
  • [b]Mod chips are completely unnecessary,jerdog-you'll live without it very easily.We here at API do not recommend using them.It's very easy to ruin your system if the install goes wrong,and in some cases it has reduced the lifespan of the system.Also,most newer games have coding to sniff out chips and prevent them from playing on modified consoles.

    Finally,we at API are very much anti-piracy.Promoting the use of these chips for that purpose can result in an immediate banning of the offending member.

  • Hands down no!

  • Good call jerdog, you don't know what a mod chip can do to your systsem, i had a mate have one put in his systsem and after 2 weeks he had to have it removed because the copied games weren't playing anymore. His playstation was never the same again....his games took longer to load and sometimes the games never loaded at all.

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  • Good call dude.
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