Can you use two light guns simultaneously?
  • Hello,

    Can someone tell me if you can play PS1 shooter games (ie. Point Blank, Time Crisis, etc) with two light guns going at the same time?
  • I really don't think there are enough games on the PSOne that support that.Games such as the Point Blank series are turn-based and so one gun would suffice for most-the arcade portion of the games can and does use 2 guns for two players.From what I can tell the PSOne Time Crisis games are one player only as well.

    You may be better off getting another game instead of a second GunCon.If you plan on having friends over for Point Blank a fair bit,though,go for it.
  • What he said, but yes, you can as long as the game supports two player simultaneous play. Just use the 2nd player gun. Great fun to see which is your "best" hand..................... :unsure:
  • Well yeah!

    I got two light guns here and I tested it.

    If there is a flourescent light near you, turn it off because the light may reflect to your gun. In short, stay away from the light or else you'll melt.
  • Whats a Light Gun??? :huh: :P