• Hi,

    I want to know where I could buy rgb cables and where does it fit in the PSX.


  • Lemme think....I'm not sure what those are really but have you tried Radio Shack or Best Buy? Usually you can find stuff there. Or, if you're really desperate look online like in Ebay or Amazon.
  • B)

    I'm a "newbie" on this board, but not a newbie in general. You can buy an RGB cable from Lan-Kwei or Lik Sang. It'll plug into the back of your Playstation just like your standard AV or S-Video cable........................... but I think you should realize that even though the cable will give you the best picture quality, you need a special TV (european) or monitor which accepts Scart connection. You're probably better off with an S-Video cable which they sell as well. :huh:
  • not only pal. my projection TV has, indevisual (bad spelling alert :huh: ) connection for R,G,B connections. Some dvd players use regular rgb connectors.

    I live in the USA. btw, I'd like to find this cable to.

    Or at least the connector end for the psx so i can make my own cable

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