Playstation problem
  • My playstation is froze on main menu. Any suggestions? I have already used alchol and was told to clean the eye we did that and it is still stuck.
  • [b]You probably should have used a CD lens cleaner kit for cleaning the eye-if even a small bit of the alcohol gets into the circuitry,your PS has had it.Sounds like maybe the drive may have given up as it is,though-does the system try to load up the game at all?
  • I think your system may be too old and needs to be replaced or fixed, becuase when systems get old they freeze a lot, but it just may be dirty. Another thing to try is to get an air compressor and blow out all of the dust and crap stuck in your system. Hope this info helps.
  • can you get into the memory card menu? Does the disc spin at all?