Playstation Console cheats
  • This is more of a question. I used to know how to change the screen or graphics when playing a cd on the playstation, but I forgot. I know it's like hold select and something-something. Does anybody know the answer to the curse that seems to haunt me?
  • Tahoeee, try posting your problem in the PSone Hardware Forum for a better response.

    As for your problem sorry but i haven't got a clue! I'm sure theres some more technical wise people who can help though! :)
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  • [b]When the Audio CD is playing, press the select button and you get your bright wavey colours. Press the d-pad left or right while in the graphic display and you change the style of the waves & shapes. Press the d-pad up or down to change the values of the waves. Press O to get a random wave effect. Press 'SQR' to change the colours. Press 'TRG' to intensify the effects again.

    This feature only appears on the 55XX, 7XXX, 9XXX and PS-One models.