Memory card write error
  • I'm all the way through Tony Hawk 2 with one skater and halfway through with a second skater. Now I cannot save anything else. There are still many open blocks on the memory card, but everytime I try to save it says 'save failed.'
    Since all my stats are saved, it is obviously able to read the data, it just cant write to the card anymore. Is there any way to transfer data from one memory card to another?
    I'd hate to have to start all over.
  • Yes you can transfer data.
  • Quote (GeneStarwind @ Feb. 05 2002,14:57)
    You may of had this difficulty if your memory card was not Sony made.
  • It only takes 1 block to save the whole game. If your memory card got pulled dering sve ing it will never save that game agen...or your consol got turned of same thing sorry good luck.
  • 3rd party memory cards stuff up often. are u using cheats in the games. if u are then it may not enable u to save games