• Does anyone have a idea or know how much the online adapter for ps2 will cost? ANd what about the hard drive for ps2? is it worth it?
  • [b]The network adaptor is expected to retail at about &#3640 and the hard drive at about &#36150,if I remember correctly.

    While I'm somewhat undecided on the adaptor (although the idea of Twisted Metal:Black Online in November is making me rethink about that) the hard drive may be a worthwhile purchase.Upcoming games will be able to use the drive to "stream" data from the disc to lower loading times.Plus you'll be able to download game saves,MP3s and other related items.The hard drive has an ethernet adaptor on it to let you use a broadband connection (cable,DSL,etc.).They won't be out until November,so there should be more information put out in October.