Anywhere to get a replacement board?
  • Well, last night I was, well, I guess you could say "voiding my warranty" for lack of a better term... Now, while my PS2 may very well be fixable tonight when I get home and have a good look at it, I am wondering if it is possible to actually buy a replacement main board from anywhere. Also, if that isn't an option, any idea of how much crap I would have to go through to get a new one put in by SCEA?

    And yes, I know full well that what I was doing and I may have paid the price for it. Yay me.
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    And yes, I know full well that what I was doing and I may have paid the price for it. Yay me.[/b][/quote]

    [b]I've heard that one before from many people who messed around with a PSX 4 years ago.

    As for a replacement board you might as well forget it as the cost from SCEA or SCEE is nearly the same price for a brand new PS2. There are a few places who will sell 'junked' motherboards of the net from re-cond PSX/PS2 but I will not be giving the links out as they do promote piracy on there web site.

    I'm sure that a member/staff from USA side of APi might be able to help you more.
  • Well, what i did when I thought my ps2 was screwed up I just took it back to where i got it and they exchanged it for a bran new one. i think you should try that.
  • But after the seal has been broken as has already been mentioned in the first post, the warranty is void and if the vendor were to do their job and checked the system then they wouldn't take it back as they would get NOTHING by sending it back as defective to Sony. You don't know what you're talking about", is probably what you say and i say that you can think whatever you must but being as i am in charge of matters like these at CCSI(Circuit City Stores Incorporated) then i would say that i do kinda know what i'm talking about. Technically with me being Sony certified as well i'm supposed to call in matters such as those immediately but it all depends on the vendor. You can try and take it back within the three month in store warranty period which comes with it or if you decided to buy the extended service plan and it's been a while then you can still try and bring it back to the store. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming minus those mods that can destroy you and your system. :thumbsup:
  • Well, I'm sure that some of you wil be very unhappy to hear this, but my PS2 is now totally working fine.

    On a side note about the whole piracy issue, how many of you who are preaching about Anti-Piracy have mp3's on their computers that are not backups of original cds that you own? I thought so... Hipocrisy is fine as long as your own isn't shown to you isn't it?

    Yes, I do have some copied games. These games are in my opinion, not overly great and not worth $70 (Canadian.) The truely great games, I do buy though. Gran Turismo 3, Metal Gear Solid 2, Ico, and Grand Theft Auto 3 all come screaming to mind, all of which I bought retail, not even second hand. I support the companies and games that I feel deserve it and if it turns out that a certain game that I have a copy of is good enough and I play it enough, I go buy it. I have already done this on several occasions with computer games.
  • Lung,it's not just personal opinion with the anti-piracy,it's also the policy of this site.Check out the topic pinned to the top of this forum and also at the rules-you'll find the link at the top of the forum as well.

    I'll be locking this topic before things get too out of hand with the "debate".
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